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How To Dress With Leggings To Go To Work

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A climate more cold means that the leggings season is here once again.
Apart from being a witness of those who do not have a mirror in your home, or those who faithfully believe that a pair of opaque tights can be used as leggings, if used properly this beautiful and comfortable garment can be actually very elegant.


How to Dress with Leggings

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What to wear with leggings? The Leggings have become in a short time in one of the inevitable clothes in the closet of the woman. However, combine them, or wear this elegantly costs to many girls. We’ll teach you some tips so that you combine your leggings in the best way. (more…)

How To Combine The Black Leather Leggings

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One of the garments that are fashionable in this season no doubt are the leggings, ideal for its versatility to create very favorable styles and fashion. Among all kinds of leggings that can be found, without doubt, the black leather leggings are the most chosen.

The New Leggings And Their Transformations

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The leggings have gone from being the most dull and bland fashion garment of any wardrobe, to being one of the indispensable in the closets with more background. Last season and part of the previous ones, the leggings were established in black, very bland and with the fabric as only material, where the transparency of the fabric varied.

How To Wear Leggings With Ethnic Print

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As you may have seen in many shops, leggings with stamped ethnic or tribal have become the main star in the last season. We are accustomed to see prints on the top of garments or dresses, and less on the bottom, so many doubts can arise when combining this type of garment.

Nivea Firming Leggings And Remoders: Do They Work?

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Yesterday I made the mistake of trying on some pants at Primark. It’s something I do not usually do because I’m always in a hurry or there’s a lot of queuing in the testers, so if I doubt between two sizes of a garment I always prefer to buy the two to try them calmly at […]

How To Combine Printed Leggings

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We invite you to learn about the different ways in which you can use printed leggings. You talk about the designs or patterns more common leggigns and how you can combine them with your blouses and accessories to create a unique style and fashionable without seeing you very loaded designs.

Leggings: Learn How to Choose the Ideal According to Your Physical

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What are the leggings? The Leggings they are normally made of lycra or cotton, are characterized by a garment similar to a media set, but a little thicker and that runs from the waist to the ankle. Nets are more popular among young people by her look carefree and casual, but nowadays, women of all […]

How To Combine Leggings

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If there is a garment that is strong this year 2012 are the leggings, versatile and comfortable where they will give us game both to obtain a perfect look in both informal and glamorous occasions. Everything will logically depend on how we combine them. In this article we are going to try to give you a series of […]

Wardrobe Cornerstones – Cotton Trousers

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The documentation of vårgarderobens cornerstones goes on and today we’ll look at an option in byxväg. Some call them chinos but what we are aiming at is an elegant and dressed cotton pants that will spring to autumn counterpart flannel trousers. Well-dressed, versatile and portable! We have looked at several manufacturers, passport forms and hues […]

5 Things to Consider – the Trouser Silhouette

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An eternal debate in the male fashion is the trouser silhouette and fit. Whether you like a short, slender and modern, or a little more classic width and length, there are a number of things that come into play. We have selected five aspects that all come into play when to find the right.

Wardrobe Cornerstones – Flannel Pants

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Today’s post is about the most important pants in the closet for us at our site. Jeans, chinos and Manchester are all very well, but few trouser designs that feels more right to the blazer in the fall than flannel pants. Most common version goes anthracite but also models in blue, brown or green are […]

Men’s Retro Jeans

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POSTED IN MÓDA – FASHION STYLE Because we fashion RETRO JEANS close and we love it, I would this time also focused on menswear collection, about which we have not yet written. We always took pics of women rather things, but the men are just as amazing! It would be a shame not to show it. Just as […]

Katie Holmes e la Salopette Jeans

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Properly indoctrinated by her friend Victoria Beckham, undisputed queen of the fashionistas of all time, Katie Holmes seems to have taken the golden path of fashion like a fairy tale. Every step a dream accessory, a handbag inaccessible to ordinary mortals and stilosissimi clothes, so that fashion seemed to have gone to his head.

Pants Jeans for Women

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Jeans jeas for women are the wildcard garment par excellence in the wardrobe, both men and women, but now you show the best models of jeans for women. There are different styles and models with fully female and juvenile designs that you can get the style you want. Jeans pants are special for a casual, […]

How to Choose the Right Jean for a Woman

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Learn how to choose the right Jean for a woman. In every woman’s closet should not miss the jeans, they are an essential piece. Shopping malls can be found plenty of models, such as: flared, hip, skinny, semicadera, etc. and which are fashionable today are the jeans at the waist. But, it is a bit […]

The 11 Essential Bottoms of Maternity

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They’re here the summer sales and is the time to buy those clothes we need or some other whim. In Asos Maternity find the most modern, current market and affordable maternity clothes, yes everything is sold through its online store. If something does not suit you, you can always return or exchange. Here we tell you what are the 11 essential that you […]

Street Style Boyfriend Jeans

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Casual and comfortable is the section of the boyfriend jeans. Here you get a few styling tips.   What distinguishes the boyfriend jeans? A pair of boyfriend jeans expected, as the name suggests, in such a way as if it came straight from the wardrobe of the loved one. So you sit a little looser […]

How to Look Fashion with Capri Jeans

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Capri Jeans or 7/8 Jeans: Where is the difference? The difference between Capri Jeans and 7/8 Jeans make a few centimeters, because the two models do not mean the same thing. Capris have a 3/4-length and ends thus just below the knee. Jeans 7/8 length end just above the ankle or below the calf. So […]

Find the Perfect Maxi Skirt for Your Maternity

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What is maxi skirt? A maxi skirt combines the glamorous feature with the mundane appearance, and achieves a harmonious balance, which can be worn in a multitude of situations. You may say that the maxi skirt is a blend of a traditional long dress and a skirt. It is like a skirt at the hip, […]