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Hair Wraps Are Still Captivating Models and Bloggers

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Looking for a warm coat this winter so crazy, with changes in temperatures that in two days it seems that we go back to the spring, just in the hair wraps which already are not seen so much at this time but the models and the fashion bloggers they are still choosing to combine short. As it is the case of Molly Myrsten, a Swedish model who has that common touch on the models of carrying any piece which goes through something informal for very ornate. (more…)

In Winter, Take Vitamins! Colorful Looks by Colors

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Every day that I go out to the street I am more and more cold. And for those days my mind and my subconscious ends up deciding muted colors and sad for my outfits. Without realizing I go out to the black and grey Street and at the end I just boring. So when I see girls who wear clothes in colors live think and why not? They are a good example of induce a healthy dose Vitamin to your day. (more…)

Yes, No Hat Hat, Here Is The Question

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It is my question. Yesterday I wore one because it was raining and I’m tired of walking all day fighting me with the umbrella and I was “ too produced “. Sometimes I feel that the Hat a garment is egoblogger too, I don’t know if I understand. Even so, I love and the hat […]

Roses and Cold Days, Days of Hiding Behind The Hat (Or Not, to The New Fashion)

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Cold days and roses, bloggers become the protagonists of a Blake Edwards modern orders, this time without dramas, without romance between Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, without bottles of means and the Hat as single addiction, a Hat after which covered this winter by city.

Viva Party: The Latest Looks of The Primavera Sound 2012

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Every good thing is finished and the Primavera Sound It ended between large concerts, tired feet and looks from all style. On the third day the acid colors, the vintage clothes, and comfort rewarded over other things. Both foreign audience as local opt for modern outfits. Do you think about the looks of the Primavera […]

A Variety of Styles in The Looks of The Second Day at The Primavera Sound 2012

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The second day of the Primavera Sound also it gave much of himself in terms of looks. At the festival was everything and more. From looks 100% fashion to other more normal or less likely. Lots of clothes and accessories fluorine, semitransparent long skirts, shorts, dresses, shorts and how not, cloth bags and t-shirts in […]

Fashion on The Street: at Turns (New) with The Broken of The Cowboys

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The other day he was shopping in Zara my girlfriend and his reaction to the Cowboys already had expected it: almost all broken! Thus each x time, even more so when summer comes and jeans shorts become the garment that you could get at home with a good pair of scissors and a pair of […]

This Fall Plays with Peach

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Each season they are in fashion different shades and each one chooses which most favours him. For some time Autumn It is not synonymous with Brown, grey, or muted colors and with little life. You are now free to dress as you want and firms offer everything your want, that this season will find options […]

And If We Throw Away The Roll and Mix Prints?

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Maybe it will be that the spirit of Blair Waldorf still present among us and this season more than ever. And is that the Queen of the Upper East Side, the preppy style and looks risky but infallible inspires many these days thereupon, the art for combine prints. And there are many which take their […]

1980s Hair-Reach: Returns The Wavy Plate

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Who not has had as a teenager an iron that you literally frying the hair? All, was fashion, what was, despite already having the hair curly from itself, as it is my case for example, had to be ironed hair style Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Bananarama, or Kylie Minogue. It was the grace.

The Clutches Are No Longer What They Were

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Only a few seasons ago that the clutch was a hole (and which hole) in our closet. There are almost more models of handbags that handles and as any product in stores such as Zara It is evolving to unsuspected limits.

Bet Everything on Red, You Will Gain 100%

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If there is a tone that is on fire is season is the Red. We have shown it thousand times but still walk from canon, so if you’re still undecided leverages these rebates to get some This color garment. And them, bloggers, they have already succumbed. Coats, pants, dresses, suits … anything goes if it […]

Attention to All Units: Return The Fanny Pack

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With the Bell-bottoms and the pouch becomes, are there season after season but only a few dare to take them. This revival of the 90’s we are having it was impossible that the Fanny Pack do not seek your website in our closet. That Yes, would you find it?

Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Take Off The Glove Rita

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We believe that the female accessories were dead or partying? Error! Even if say some and others propose minimal fashion still Baroque, dressed almost prom and swathed in Add-ins for attend the Opera.

Outfit: Me and My Samsung NXmini in Helsinki

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Today, I will show you a further look, I shot in Helsinki, next to the harbour with the Ferris wheel in the background. We were there namely actually grade on the market and have fed fish. I think that was really the tastiest fish in the world! The Finns know how it’s done correctly. The […]

Outfit: the Karl Daily Look

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I am proud, but not so a little, but really, because for me a dream is true become: Karl Lagerfeld knows of my existence! And not only that: I was allowed to be even a small part of his new project: the Charles daily – Karl Lagerfeld’s own newspaper! Karl Lagerfeld was something like the […]

Mal Wieder: Schwarz

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Me grade times noticed that I’ve shown this week really only black looks, a fact almost involuntary Black week so, but tomorrow I will change that with a different look! Actually the black theme fits very well, finally today we have Halloween, one of my favorite events of the year! Only stupid, I still don’t […]

Voller Power and Energy!

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Do you know these outfits, which they, after one has even combined they almost daily in a similar combination? I’m just with this combination, because, again, I’ve discovered a few sneaker for me and once again, they are by adidas! I’ve seen the pure boost on the press days and was immediately so down and […]

Our Own Designed All around the World Bag

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In my Blogger career, I was able to do many great things, implement wonderful collaborations, and discover exciting places. Today, a further highlight in joins: I was able to design a bag! Not alone, but for this with my Blogger colleagues and friends of Josie loves, les attitudes and fashion hippie loves! I mean, what […]

Our Bogner Bag Is out There!

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Good news! Finally the around is the World Bag, who designed Anni, Sarah, Anne and I in the trade and also online available!!! I think you can see quite well that the personality of each blogger is reflected, and I’m really very proud of the result! It is large enough that the half budget fits, […]