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Vintage Mens Ties and Neckties

Neckties and accessories are perfect when you want to show the world who you are. Nothing could impress more than a nice tie. It is not just smart, but it is also highly modern and masculine. In fact, the tie originates from a traditional Croatian military uniform, which in the 17th century was rounded off […]

Wear Women's Belt

How to Properly Wear a Belt

The important accessories – it’s right to choose them and knows how to wear them. Some look fashionable ladies belts to wear them with specific objects from the closet. And some see in store for stylish ladies belts stunning beauty and can not they give up without thinking to him about how to wear them.


Stylish Caps Wearing Guide for Men

Cap in typical Neff fashion. Stylish and unmistakably What’s her purse for women, which is the men’s ball cap. Caps are popular accessories for men. In the women they are fashionable headgear, especially in the summer, very popular. Caps and hats dress up any outfit – whether sporty or casual. Free to feel and occasion […]

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Chanel, a Modern Princess Necklace

This exquisite necklace is from the collection Spring-Summer 2009 Chanel. Clasp that is closing is so splendid that I do not know if you get it right or upside down. The materials that have been used is metal, glass and plexi accounts. A whirlwind of chains of different designs and the ever-present double C of the maison.


#Meetmeinsonar, The Music Festival That Dressed in Bershka

This past weekend was held in Barcelona Sonar 2014, a Festival of electronic music that moves the masses. And this year dressed in Bershka, and it is that the Spanish firm was responsible for sponsoring the event. Designers Jarapa Jarapa y Gori de Palma customizaron garments to wear them this summer 2014 and dozens of […]


It Is Time Take The Shorts: Aim Brilliant Ideas

It has already reached the season of shorts. The first to do so have been the lucky bloggers who have gone to California to enjoy the Coachella festival. But already here are beginning to raise temperatures (especially in the South), and the best way to celebrate the first rays of Sun is looking legs. Suggests […]


Leather Caps Are The New Add Star

Much talk about trends of clothes have seen in collections for this spring-summer 2013 and which we see in the streets, but We must not forget the accessories, that sometimes become true garments star.


The Force of The Red Tea Accompany

It seems that the heat is lazy, shy or simply becomes derrogar, but at the moment I’m thinking in combinations that I will look within a few days if the temperature permits me. Or not, what expect? And is that the Red returns to collect important in the looks and comes in striking garments that […]


Large, All Very Large, Tea Going to Lose Inside

With the arrival of the heat more tight clothes end up taking a toll throughout the day, sure you know more than uncomfortable sensation that generated. They are the days added to the wide, comfortable fashion and with the right male touch in mixes that bloggers dig into their street style looks. Do you feel […]

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Video: My Collection of Handbags

The video today is about a subject that every woman likes: purses! I came to show you some of my and tell a little of the history of them. Bag is something that requires a bigger investment, so I think a lot before buying. Usually buy on trips(so in the video I’m always talking about a different place, […]