Carlo Pignatelli Evening Dresses

The collection of wedding ceremony in 2015 signed Carlo Pignatelli, for she offers a variety of choice, despite the few models presented for the women’s line. As always, the Italian brand excels by elegance and refinement, with a series of proposals to suit every occasion and distinguished by the quality of materials. Modern and sober lines are a must for Pignatelli, who does not like anything in excess, but in balancing the most of every apparel item. The invited to the wedding can then choose from more saucy models and less eccentric complete, finding an ideal solution in every case.

Models of the collection in 2015 Carlo Pignatelli

The 2015 collection of Carlo Pignatelli for the invited to the wedding reflects the style and lines of the previous range in 2014, renewing cuts and models to align with new trends .


The cuts of the clothes of the new season can be divided into three different types: the sheath dress, the tunic and the ‘evening dress . The sheath dresses Carlo Pignatelli are often paired with a stylish jacket, to form a complete perfect for the mother of the bride or groom, both for the invited not too eccentric, who dares not show off forms and colors too showy. Guests can choose from classic blacks sheath dresses, paired with jackets with chic floral embroidery, or opt for more colorful and imaginative alternatives, such as the dress in black and white patterned texture, or complete in black and pink jacket with pleated nuanced. If you love the most extensive lines and airy, there are two beautiful proposals with jacket, a light pink and blue themed floral, worn with a nice pair of pants and more suitable for the daytime ceremony. Finally we come to the evening and Pignatelli knows how to please your tastes with two dress unique.

For those who love the long, elegant in a purple silk dress with draping and application in life, suitable for formal ceremony; but if you look for ashort dress but chic, always in shades of purple, the designer proposes an original model modern cut, with side ruffles and pleats at the waist.

New colors for the ceremony signed Carlo Pignatelli

If for wedding dresses Carlo Pignatelli betting everything on the whiteand the light tones, thus remaining on the classic, also for l ‘invited tends to prefer sober shades such as black, light pink and blue. Prominent innovations, the two dresses in purple and indigo, more showy but still extremely elegant.