Buy a Smartwatch VS Smartband

Surely you are looking for a gift for these dates, and one of the options you will be shuffling is to give away a technological device.Maybe you’re thinking of buying a smartwatch or a smart bracelet?Or maybe both? But to really know the differences between a Smart Watch and a Smartband… We tell you.

The differences that can exist between a Smartwatch and a Smartband, are usually very relative. At times it is difficult to identify the difference as it may be in the case of Gear Wear (a bracelet-smart watch). But in general, each one has its own functionalities and differences. Which are? Now we tell you.


Smartwatch The Smart Clock.

Who is going to buy a Smartwatch normally knows that they will acquire a device that will “look” and teach friends. The smart watches are often flashy, some have a significant size, and usually have different designs depending on the target audience.

Most smart watches are designed to look good on our wrist, and on the way, teach them to our friends and acquaintances. There are some of them with more classic aspect, like the Moto 360 ; Or others with a more innovative air, such as the Samsung Gear S or the LG G Watch . Also in most of them we will have the possibility to change the belt, giving this way an air more to our liking.

Smartband Or Smart Bracelets.

They tend to be sober and unobtrusive. Lacking most of them from a sphere or screen where to teach their data, are often devices that call little attention. Depending on the bracelet you choose you will have more sober models or a little more flashy (the Samsung Gear Fit ). But as a rule of thumb, few will realize that you are using an advanced wearable device.

You can find models that, even without touch screen, may have led us to transmit information on: mileages, implementation of the training plan, calories, etc . This is the case of the Garmin Vivofit ( the bracelet of Big Brother ), which in addition to having a small screen, we can find in different colors.

Features and applications.

Smartwatch or Smart Watches:

This is perhaps the most difficult section to define. There are Smartwatchthat do Smartband functions, and some smartband that has some functions of a Smartwatch.

Generally, Smartwatch are more complex devices that allow us to interact with the notificiations we receive from abroad. That is, we can, in most cases, receive data or notifications and can respond or question them from these devices.

As for the applications, it will depend on the model of the clock of your choice. There are models like Samsung Gear S of the most complete of the market (answer and receive calls, GPS, Wifi, 3G, etc). And then we have simpler models, in which we can see the notifications through them, and then answer them with our Smartphone.


The functionalities of the Smartband are much more limited. Usually these devices are designed to perform two functions: as sports managers and/or sleep control. Usually, being specialized models in these functionalities, their results are more optimized in these sections than in the Smartwatch. Some models of smart bracelets, such as the Xiaomi Mi Band also receive notifications and alert us with a brief vibration.

These bracelets usually incorporate pedometer, calorie meter, accomplishment of objectives , etc. And they bring their own sports managers or are compatible with most sports applications in the sector.

Operating System And Battery

Smartwatch or smart watch:

Here we can differentiate between: Android watches, iOS compatible, Samsung, and those that have universal compatibility (the Watch U8).

Before buying your smartwatch make sure the device is compatible with your mobile phone. If you have an Android phone, you will have greater compatibility with Android watches (Sony, LG, Motorola). Watch out for the Samsung as they are clocks with very limited compatibility to their products, just like the next Apple Watch (compatible only with iphone).

Then you will have to verify that the phone has the version of Android that requests the watch as a requirement. If you have a Smartphone with Android 4.0 or 4.2 or higher you should not have problems.

Regarding the battery, is the great weakness of the Smartwatch. Usually its duration does not exceed a couple of days, so you must have the charger always close. Although on the positive side we can say that in a couple of hours the load of these devices is complete, in most of them.


Most Smart Bracelets do not need to be connected to another device. You will need to have bluetooth to connect and transfer the data that has collected our quantizer device. There are bracelets like the Fitbit Flex that can also be connected even with NFC technology, which facilitates any type of connection. That yes, if we want to receive notifications if we will have to have it connected to our phone.

The battery is the strong point of these devices: days, weeks and even some devices with battery of months without recharging (Ex: SmartBand SWR10). Put on the bracelet and do not worry about it for days.

 Summary, Smartwatch Vs Smartband

As you can see, choosing between a Smartwatch or a Smartband is a matter of “tastes” and the functionality you give the device. As advice, if you are looking for a device solely as a sports manager I would prefer a Smarband like the Garmin Vivofi t (Big Brother bracelet) or the Xiaomi Mi Band .

Regarding the price we have not made any difference since you can find cheap smartwatch and smart bracelets of different prices. In general terms, smart watches are priced higher than the Smartband. It is normal, due to its greater number of functionalities.

If you are looking for a device for day to day, greater independence of your mobile phone, and why not, brag with your friends; I would opt for a smart watch that was compatible with my Smartphone and met my expectations.I leave the link of the best Smartwatch to make it easier for you to decide.Our favorites are: buy Moto 360, LG G Watch R and Sony Smartwatch 2(one of the best price/quality).