Buy A Remote Shirt: The Signs Of Quality In Computer Graphics

Through the article today, I will give you some keys, which are usually rarely approached to better buy online your formal shirts. 
It is all stupidly a translation in English and Italian of the technical terms characteristic of a shirt, history that you can almost know what you buy.

Why just English and Italian? I suppose there’s no need to justify me excessively for English: it’s a bit the default language of many e-shops, and also because of Jermyn Street, the famous London street Which has become the Mecca of shirts for every budget, where Charles Tyrwhitt cotton Turnbull and Asser.

For its part, Italy is also a veritable gold mine, as witnessed by the recent Parisian exhibition “When in Rome, Do As Roman Do” held last year, where the most popular Neapolitan tailors Prestigious reinterpreted in their own way a Zara basic shirt, adding the most noble and characteristic details of the art. 
Care must be taken, however, to sort the wheat from the tares: many tailors have taken advantage of the prestige of the region and have seen the quality of their production decrease over the years. 
I made a good selection for you in the folder guide, spotting these little tailors still little known, who collaborate with brands very prestigious but sell their own production at very affordable prices.

Let’s go back to computer graphics:

Subclass Index

You will forgive me, I did not necessarily indicate to which language corresponded what term but you will always have the same order: English/French/Italian. The consonance of each term is quite characteristic, you will not need to be a linguist to guess


I took English first so that it turns a little better on the social networks, do not hesitate to share if you like!

You will recognize the different signs of quality of a shirt, which I also evoke in the guide in Anyblouses.