Brunello Cucinelli Autumn 2013

Brunello Cucinelli has been a faithful favorite here at our site recent years and fall makes us not to change that perception. Cucinelli has in recent years more or less defined the Italian men’s fashion and made a substantial contribution to a culture of casual stylish fashion where formal and vacant garments combined and the materials will be in focus.

With Cucinelli know that there will be an explosion of color alá Polo Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford. Instead, the focus since its inception has always been in saturated tones and a base of blue, brown and gray. Whether it is a matter of costume or vacant cargos are the materials of the finest quality that goes hand in hand with the company’s philosophy.

Brunello Cucinelli is unlike many of the often dirty textile industry from scratch had a focus on human values ​​and social responsibility both within their company and externally to suppliers and weaving mills. The company produces annually large sums of giving back to the community and the city of Solomeo where the company’s headquarters; a castle from the 1300s is located.

“I dream about a form of modern capitalism with strong ancient roots, where profit is made without harm or offense to anyone. Money has a real value Only When it is spent to improvement the life and development of people, and That is our goal.” – Brunello Cucinelli

We looked closely at the autumn collection and took out what we liked best.

You find Brunello Cucinelli exclusively in Sweden at Lund & Lund in Stockholm.