Bridal Jewelry from Romantic to Modern

Warm spring light falls in a wide beam in the old cowshed, while the young woman gently holds the hands gem. Sparkling breaks the light beam in the small diamond that sparkles between two white petals.

It is a delicate ring is forged by hand in a Studio on the outskirts of Munich in Gilching. Johanna Otto has fulfilled the dream of his own workshop and converted the old barn to an only. Whereas work bench and technical equipment on the side of the window, seemingly five black cubes float against the opposite wall. There are exhibition boxes for trinkets like those delicate ring has taken the 31-year-old in the hand. Johanna studied jewelry designer-and has developed collections, hardly anyone can resist whose modern charm, which has seen the small works of art. Neither do I.

What creates Johanna there with their imagination and their hands, is clear and straightforward, modern and playful, failed and yet classic-and a recommendation for all who are on the lookout for bridal jewelry.

Three collections are available, each unique and designed by the design up to the surface treatment of Johanna. Especially white Kay silver, but also the goldplatierten and echtgoldenen pieces can be excellently combine – to the wedding dress and later also in everyday wear.

I personally don’t see an unusual engagement ring, to which the future spouse of his bride on their wedding day could give the matching earrings or the matching pendant in the ring from the fossil series. Drosophyllum is that range of rings, pendants and earrings, that plays with abstracted flower petals and a diamond bud sparkles so tempting in the incident light of spring. Fossil is the latest development from the Studio of Johanna Otto and emerged from the award-winning series of sheet type.

The native Reutlingerin has developed a unique design that was created to study at the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Pforzheim, compared to their other projects made little impression but then for sheet type.

But the student believed in the concept and developed the idea of parallel to her studies.Ranging from the design to the editing of the materials to the feel of the finished jewel: Joan’s jewelry is different than the classic goldsmiths work: “I wanted to make easy wearable jewelry, no pure art showcase”, she says.

Two years ago, the receipt came for their unbeirrtes commitment to the own design ideas: the blade-type series was awarded the red dot design award, one of the most important design awards in Germany. This year, the collection for the German design award is nominated. Long are the jewels in the shop windows of many shops – not only in Germany.

When she speaks of her job, then more resonates in their movements than the sheer joy of work and it becomes clear: Johanna lives what she creates with her hands: “this elementary on the goldsmithing fascinated me. Here comes this material out of the fire, dirty and raw, and shortly thereafter the glamorous world that decorates itself.”

The Felix series shows that she dominated but also the romantic playful craft except the modern classic series. Johanna has designed an own molds for the pendant and earrings.Under a wide open bud the epitome of romantic jewelry joins a Freshwater Pearl-for me.

Johanna has managed what many goldsmiths dream: you has created distinctive jewellery with its series, clearly bears your handwriting: delicate, one of the discoveries of this year modern classic-and as Bridal jewelry for me.