Bracelets and Watches Together

Discover the colorful miniature treasures that will characterize the Summer 2015.

OPS! Cherie are the latest in home Opsobjects, company that from 2010 combines one pop and fun style to the idea of ​​international fashion design.

The fashion jewelry bracelets and watches OPS! Cherie are characterized by bright colors, inspired by the trends of summer 2015, and a special vanilla scent that makes them really special accessories.

Bracelets OPS! Chérie

The design of the bracelets watches! CENTRALLEDWATCH (€ 26.00) is reminiscent of the classic OPS with polycarbonate chain, heart and medal of steel. This time, however, the style takes on smaller and soft shapes for a romantic revisit one of the most beloved pop jewelry.

The polycarbonate chain is made of a fine mesh, the pendant, the size of 20 cm, has a slightly arrontondata line for even more young and lively mood. The charm, logo OPS is made of steel, as well as the closure to “T” of the bracelet.

The new bracelets are offered in 6 colors very playful fuchsia, deep purple, lime green, turquoise and white.

With its compact size, these unpublished bracelets can be worn in pairs to colorful combinations.

The pop colors of the collection OPS! Cherie manage to make particular even the simplest outfit. It will not be hard to match them with clothing everyday but not limited to, whether it’s a business appointment is for an output of shopping.

OPS watches! Chérie

The bracelets can be combined with the second new Summer 2015 OPS, namely Watches OPS! Chérie (€ 46.00). These watches have really contained forms and are the smallest ever made by the brand. Thanks to the simple and unique style able to embellish any type of look and, if chosen with a good matching tone on tone, are also suitable for a stylish outfit.

Soft and comfortable to wear, sinuous forms and particularly in modern, new OPS are made with a polycarbonate case 28 mm. The pad is made of sturdy steel and the strap is made of soft polyurethane (size 8 mm). The Quartz movement Miyota 2035 ensures absolute accuracy of the clock. Water resistant thanks to the materials used and the excellent workmanship, the clocks OPS! Cherie are the ideal companion for your days at the beach or pool.

As with the bracelets of color variants are 5: Pink fuchsia, purple, lime green, turquoise and white.

The collection OPS! Cherie is already available at dealers retailers.