What to wear jewelry for adornment and rituals may have started as far back as for 7000 years ago, where archaeologists have found evidence that people went with the bracelet of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and China. Early bracelets were made of grass, thin branches and shells, and later copper and bronze.

Only after the bronze age (2000 to 1400 f.Kr.) were bracelets made of gold and silver. They were also more decorative, adorned with shells and stones, and jewelry as bracelets became a symbol of wealth and status.

Although bracelet sometimes were buried in graves as part of the deceased’s belongings, it appears that they were worn as decorative accessories rather than as amulets or ritual jewelry.

European women revived bracelet as common fashion accessory in the 17th century. century. They wore ties and thin bangles – and often several at a time – a mode which has continued into the 21st century. century where the bracelet as jewellery is still very popular.