Box Jewelry Box with Decoupage

Hola a tod@s! After a few days of crazy, i.e. Boli go all week today finally I can sit to write for blogs, I want to show a jeweler who I’ve decorated him already several weeks I had the box but not I had put to it because it did not have very clear how to do it, so when I saw the papers that I have used I fell in love with them and bought them because there is mixture of 3 papers but in one of them that I put has been the eiffel tower that cut with patience and then overlayed on the other, paper the sides and in the back is a folder that I caught in a promo of lidl because sometimes they have things very gitanos! 

and applications already had from other projects, also I used tape whassi in two different colors for the part where I leave rings and earrings and inside on the top some letters where every day I see ‘love and more’ I put this so that when I get up I someday a little ploffff I remember the fantastic which is my family in the good and in the bad times… Well I leave you a list of everything that I have used and a brief summary of as I have done.

jewellery box
-decoupage papers
-scrap papers
-tape whassi
-various applications
-tape loop (small piece) and pink lace and Ribbon hearts to make application in the corner of the box and on the front.
-ready-made letters carton adhesive
-fine-grit sandpaper
-pad pink to age the edges

We clean the box (the mia was with a little bit of dust, hehehe) and first we measure and superpose the paper to find out how we want to go. I before you start gluing all the papers, always short would also like to add that in this case the hinges and the closing will not with screws so I have not removed it. The tower is trimmed another paper and superimposed on the base.

Proceed to put the tail in the box and we’ll pasting papers as we have thought them put and followed we give another layer of glue over papers, I’ve done just as with the three. Once dry we sanded the excess if there is excess sanding and we are putting applications to our liking, look in the left corner that mono is the blonde with the strip of hearts that I have also put in the front of the box. Finally we give with the color pad to age the edges and on the outside it is ready.

By inside I did not want to decorate it more than in the part of the cajoncitos of the rings and earrings with whassi tape and the outline of the box, put the phrase and ready to put up the chest of drawers that is re-mono with mirror that I have put up and framed, hehehe.

And vosotr@s that you think?
You have good weekend!
Hugs and kisses!