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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Fashion and Not Be Afraid to Ask

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Once finished the season of parades, with a hodgepodge of trends in head and millions of anecdotes from the various fashion weeks, fashion overdose provokes in us the opposite effect. We don’t have a single clue orderly and clear in our mind. Do you have any questions?. Preguntaselo to Woody. (more…)

Far Te Vas Up Skirt? Olivia Palermo and Jessica Alba

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¿Where he will go up the skirt? There are skirts that as they are in the stores seem to dresses, with a long shot which could become up to the neck. The own Olivia Palermo became a Zara skirt in a dress. She herself is now who returns to the slopes in together Street looks to Jessica Alba. Both celebrities want to skirt well above. (more…)

Dolores Promises Spring-Summer

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Pains promise presents its collection Spring-summer 2011 made up of mini dresses, shorts and a variety of color, texture, although the the mini-dresses and skirts they are key pieces in the designs of the firm.

December Stradivarius Lookbook Autumn-Winter: Camel and Brown Chocolate

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We started the month of December and Stradivarius delights us with a new collection of garments where the colors are the camel and Brown chocalate. The first of them, without a doubt, one of the colors of the season. And is that this autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 Stradivarius is me pleasantly surprising by its large amount of variety and […]

Hugo Boss, Woman Collection Fall/Winter

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Yesterday spoke of the new collection of Hugo Boss for men, highlighting where jackets and elegant style that brought all the designs. Today analyze the female line for the next autumn/winter, Although we don’t want to see it, it is just around the corner, unfortunately.

Stradivarius Collection Autumn-Winter: Military and Denim Style

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Although we had already seen some proposals, Stradivarius It has finally launched their campaign with the new collection Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011. One of the great novelties, are the outfits that I am going to teach, but his image, the protagonist of the catalogue of this winter. And is that the Spanish top Clara Alonso It is the image of Stradivarius […]

White Special Edition Autumn/Winter

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And continue with further proposals of White for this Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011. You know that the firm’s low-cost permanently removing lines and every time you go to the store there is new outfits. The last one? A special line inspired by London that we see in these photographs of the catalogue.

Dolce & Gabbana, the Kings of Versailles

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The style of another era is a reference point for many of the creations that are arranged now and not only question of garments, but advertising. The Italian firm Dolce & Gabbana is always to the saga in terms of trends, so it is a surprise to those who follow it from past their lavish advertising […]

Banana Republic Spring-Summer

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The American firm GAP already a place among a number of European firms. Their campaigns are innovative and fun, always very colorful, especially in winter. So I present the new line of Banana Republic for the Spring-Summer 2009, the firm is the older sister of GAP and that also brings us many items to choose from.

Versace Atelier Spring-Summer

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A little behind with respect to the Oscar ’ who was the gala of the year, but already has finally come out for taste of all those who want to look at them and pleasure of those who can buy them the collection of Spring-Summer 2009 designs of Versace Atelier.

New Collection of Zuhair Murad for Mango Summer

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After admiring your line for the season evening dresses Spring-Summer 2009 in Mango, Now Zuhair Murad gives us another mini-collection for the Spanish firm inspired by the colorful and feminine details of the Summer 2009.

Transparencies in the Famous Feast for Christmas

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Last season the transparencies they were in a good number of looks. A summer full of them. We remember them at the party and on the street. These months, against any attempt to go unless they have been still more. The party It has taken over the transparency and for this Christmas are basic. The proof is in these looks […]

The Yellow Continues

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Last summer began already to be Yellow. That color which for many bad luck and that is why you never put. I confess that I had nothing yellow until the last summer I bought a t-shirt of Pedro de el Hierro in the tone and I loved as I stayed in the face. So this year I’m […]

Lanvin Autumn/Winter in the Paris Fashion Week

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In this dichotomy between pessimistic and optimistic, designers the creative head of Lanvin, Alber Elbaz “it is considered a”realistic”in all sense of the word. However, with all the inspiration of lso years of interwar we’ve seen, I’ll take that proposes Lanvin.

Party Dresses For Chubby 2012

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To choose a perfect prom dress for plus size should keep in mind that it is modern and elegant, while the dresses are all beautiful must be trends in the year 2012, dresses also manage to capture the intensity and figure of the woman and remain satisfied with the choice of your great dress.

Short Lace Dresses

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Short lace dresses will still be fashionable this year 2014 and reinvented through tight waists, straight cuts, Bare shoulders that remain trend this year. Classic colors such as white, black, dark blue, dark grey, grey lead, beige or red are still the most favorite for models with modern or romantic style. Despite several girls associated […]

Wedding Dresses Style Princess

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In this time wedding dresses style Princess are the protagonists of our article, so if you like this style I recommend that you continue reading and see if it is for you. When it comes time to choose the wedding dress, you have to take into account several factors. One of them is the cut […]

Victorian Collar Shirt

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Reminiscent of the major-league era, Victorian shirt brings a bit of poetry in our urban outfits. Quick guide to take ownership without seeming disguise.

What to Wear with Plaid Shirts?

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In some seasons, the plaid shirt has become essential. But apart with jeans, with what do you wear? We found the solution. The Plaid Shirt, a Classic Fashion If the plaid shirt was born in the 19th century in Irish and Scottish regions, it is clear that today it still has not aged. Heir to the tartan, the […]

How to Wear a White Shirt in Summer

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Heatwave forces, it twists our eternal white shirt in many ways.Demonstration. The white shirt knotted to a retro spirit As Kirsten Dunst, you can wear the white shirt knotted at the waist with a skirt in denim or suede for a pin up spirit of the 50s . Our fashion tip: With a denim high waist way Marilyn Monroe, the […]