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How to Choose a Postpartum Girdle

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The debate (all female) postpartum ladder is open. There are those who argue that hurt, preventing the perineal reeducation and causing long-term damage, as prolapse and incontinence. There are those who argue that these “things” are necessary to help your abdominal muscles to “bounce back” after pregnancy and childbirth. On the market there are very different products for quality and price, and almost always in the prenatal courses advise against buying headbands or sheaths (except in the case of caesarean section), but without providing further advice.


Maternity T-Shirt

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Maternity shirt already here! Yes, yes spring has arrived and with it we shorten our sleeves and let out our tripitas with original t-shirts and fun prints. Why today want to show you a more fun option, whether you’re MOM or you have to make a gift to a dear maternity. (more…)

Maternity Clothing: Where And What to buy!

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When you have your dear friend expectant or new mother is inevitable become aware of a whole world “Maternity and Baby” that until a few days before ignoravi beautifully the existence and so it happened to me, that within recently I have become a quasi-expert on the secrets of new mothers! Precisely for this reason, and […]

The 11 Essential Bottoms of Maternity

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They’re here the summer sales and is the time to buy those clothes we need or some other whim. In Asos Maternity find the most modern, current market and affordable maternity clothes, yes everything is sold through its online store. If something does not suit you, you can always return or exchange. Here we tell you what are the 11 essential that you […]

Eight Maternity Swimsuits To Be The Most Beautiful Beach

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Bathing suits have become a must have and are gaining much ground to bikinis. For moms are absolutely divine models that are perfectly suited to the different months of pregnancy. Opt for swimsuits with strategic draping, with different necklines and cheerful or elegant prints. What is your favorite designs? Swimsuit in contrast Maternity bathing suit in blue klein trimmed in black […]

Bermuda Shorts and Maternity

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Now comes the heat need to take fresh clothing that transpire well and is comfortable. Different firms opt for maternity clothes jeans shorts, bermudas, shorts prints and smooth… There are many models to choose from that are perfectly adapted to the different stages of pregnancy. The you can combine with a shirt and sandals for […]

Beautiful Dresses for Pregnancy from Canada

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Beautiful dresses, you can never have too many of. And even if you are pregnant, it’s still really nice to be able to take good care. So look this beautiful dress, from Mamalicious wait. It is in an absolutely stunning blue color, which is not to stand for. The dress is with short sleeves. It […]

Multi Way Maternity Dress

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Nice mini dress you with a snap can transform into the most beautiful blouse with Wrinkly effect at the bottom. Or to a tunka. In other words, a piece of multi functional maternity clothes from Swedish Boob! Yet a dress with multi functions from Boob: acts as wait dress and tightens you lines in the […]

Classic Black Layer Upon Layer Cardigan

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Fantastic nice black Bestaah cardigan in an intriguing profile. This cardigan is very special and incredibly nice to wear. It has two layers, where the innermost layer is a heavy satin. And the outer layer is a light and delicious knitting quality. The outer layer is shorter than the inner and it gives a super […]

Maternity Wear for Everyday and Special Occasions

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Maternity wear, maternity clothes and nursing wear, yes, dear child has many names! For where it is nice that there are lots of lovely maternity clothes that both look good, follow the current trend, the stomach out sharply and at the same time are comfortable to wear! At Directoryaah, we have over the years been […]