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#Meetmeinsonar, The Music Festival That Dressed in Bershka

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This past weekend was held in Barcelona Sonar 2014, a Festival of electronic music that moves the masses. And this year dressed in Bershka, and it is that the Spanish firm was responsible for sponsoring the event. Designers Jarapa Jarapa y Gori de Palma customizaron garments to wear them this summer 2014 and dozens of bloggers wore Palm with overall looks of the firm. With what of? they stay?


It Is Time Take The Shorts: Aim Brilliant Ideas

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It has already reached the season of shorts. The first to do so have been the lucky bloggers who have gone to California to enjoy the Coachella festival. But already here are beginning to raise temperatures (especially in the South), and the best way to celebrate the first rays of Sun is looking legs. Suggests ideas for wear shorts this spring: (more…)

Leather Caps Are The New Add Star

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Much talk about trends of clothes have seen in collections for this spring-summer 2013 and which we see in the streets, but We must not forget the accessories, that sometimes become true garments star.

The Force of The Red Tea Accompany

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It seems that the heat is lazy, shy or simply becomes derrogar, but at the moment I’m thinking in combinations that I will look within a few days if the temperature permits me. Or not, what expect? And is that the Red returns to collect important in the looks and comes in striking garments that […]

Large, All Very Large, Tea Going to Lose Inside

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With the arrival of the heat more tight clothes end up taking a toll throughout the day, sure you know more than uncomfortable sensation that generated. They are the days added to the wide, comfortable fashion and with the right male touch in mixes that bloggers dig into their street style looks. Do you feel […]

Video: My Collection of Handbags

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The video today is about a subject that every woman likes: purses! I came to show you some of my and tell a little of the history of them. Bag is something that requires a bigger investment, so I think a lot before buying. Usually buy on trips(so in the video I’m always talking about a different place, […]

Learn How to Choose and Wear Glasses

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The book recently released by Senac publisher brings interesting tips to anyone who needs the accessory and does not want to be out of style. There is still a bit of history and the origin of the lenses By Sonia Nascimento*The book “Attentive Look – How to Choose and Wear Glasses”, by Francisco Ventura and Deborah […]

Types of Glasses for Each Face

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The sunglasses or degree are indispensable companions and inseparable of every woman, besides protecting the eyes make the production much more interesting. In case you are forced to use them every day, it is super important that you know how to use them and leave them in your favor, right? 

Learn to Choose the Perfect Frames for Your Face

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Choosing the pair of glasses perfect for accompanying you in the day-to-day, graduate and / or sunshine, is no easy task: however beautiful the frames are, do not just flirt them in the storefront, you must also like To see them on your face.

Love for Handbags: Tips for Every Type of Woman

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Hello girls OK? Who To love a bag? I’m suspect to talk, because my passion for they only grow, handbags, handbags with spaghetti straps, large handbags, purses small and etc…(lol) all types like it. We know that the stock market is one of the essential parts of the look and hit the choice is wonderful!

Hair Wraps Are Still Captivating Models and Bloggers

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Looking for a warm coat this winter so crazy, with changes in temperatures that in two days it seems that we go back to the spring, just in the hair wraps which already are not seen so much at this time but the models and the fashion bloggers they are still choosing to combine short. […]

In Winter, Take Vitamins! Colorful Looks by Colors

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Every day that I go out to the street I am more and more cold. And for those days my mind and my subconscious ends up deciding muted colors and sad for my outfits. Without realizing I go out to the black and grey Street and at the end I just boring. So when I […]

Yes, No Hat Hat, Here Is The Question

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It is my question. Yesterday I wore one because it was raining and I’m tired of walking all day fighting me with the umbrella and I was “ too produced “. Sometimes I feel that the Hat a garment is egoblogger too, I don’t know if I understand. Even so, I love and the hat […]

Roses and Cold Days, Days of Hiding Behind The Hat (Or Not, to The New Fashion)

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Cold days and roses, bloggers become the protagonists of a Blake Edwards modern orders, this time without dramas, without romance between Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, without bottles of means and the Hat as single addiction, a Hat after which covered this winter by city.

Viva Party: The Latest Looks of The Primavera Sound 2012

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Every good thing is finished and the Primavera Sound It ended between large concerts, tired feet and looks from all style. On the third day the acid colors, the vintage clothes, and comfort rewarded over other things. Both foreign audience as local opt for modern outfits. Do you think about the looks of the Primavera […]

A Variety of Styles in The Looks of The Second Day at The Primavera Sound 2012

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The second day of the Primavera Sound also it gave much of himself in terms of looks. At the festival was everything and more. From looks 100% fashion to other more normal or less likely. Lots of clothes and accessories fluorine, semitransparent long skirts, shorts, dresses, shorts and how not, cloth bags and t-shirts in […]

Fashion on The Street: at Turns (New) with The Broken of The Cowboys

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The other day he was shopping in Zara my girlfriend and his reaction to the Cowboys already had expected it: almost all broken! Thus each x time, even more so when summer comes and jeans shorts become the garment that you could get at home with a good pair of scissors and a pair of […]

This Fall Plays with Peach

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Each season they are in fashion different shades and each one chooses which most favours him. For some time Autumn It is not synonymous with Brown, grey, or muted colors and with little life. You are now free to dress as you want and firms offer everything your want, that this season will find options […]

And If We Throw Away The Roll and Mix Prints?

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Maybe it will be that the spirit of Blair Waldorf still present among us and this season more than ever. And is that the Queen of the Upper East Side, the preppy style and looks risky but infallible inspires many these days thereupon, the art for combine prints. And there are many which take their […]

1980s Hair-Reach: Returns The Wavy Plate

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Who not has had as a teenager an iron that you literally frying the hair? All, was fashion, what was, despite already having the hair curly from itself, as it is my case for example, had to be ironed hair style Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Bananarama, or Kylie Minogue. It was the grace.