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5 Different Types of Hats

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Heeey lovelies! Who’s always looking for something to complement the look but never know how? Because then … The Hat is a great choice of accessory that lets look so more stripped down and full of style and best of all is that you can use in all seasons and various ways. There are 5 types of hats and I’m going to show you how to use each of them such as baseball caps.

1 – Panama Hat

Of Ecuadorian origin and made of straw, closed plots this type of hat is often used here in Brazil and especially on the beach, but it is a mistake to think that it can only be used with bath output, it can also be used to increment that look of the day more praiano you know? If you like wearing shorts, shirt and sandals, with larguinha Panama Hat will make your look much more stylish. In addition to those that have a style but sports and casual Panama falls very well too.


Glove Scarf Set Winter Accessories

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When cold rears its nose, our hands presto refuge in any warm gloves. Discover the trends of winter 2016 on gloves and mittens.

Leather Gloves, Always Timeless

Hot, tough and resilient like a second skin, leather gloves have many advantages. Some are filled to bring more warmth and softness to chilly. Side look, you’re spoiled for choice: biker leather gloves, long leather gloves style fatal woman … Another trend of the year: the Bimaterial gloves with leather side (see and another in textile, with patterns Scottish wildlife ( leopard example) or foot-holes. Side color, black is still the safe bet, but nothing prevents you to opt for leather gloves of a beautiful brown.


Shirts in Big Sizes

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Shirts are among the favorite items in the closet. The casual tops seasonal independent rank on the leaderboards. There are short and long sleeve t-shirts also for strong ladies in larger sizes.

Shirts in big size are characterized by their diversity. Shirts actually belong in the category “Leisure look”, but the latest trends are alone for much too good. From the design-shirt over the tunic-shirt up and the long shirt, the oversized parts have class. The bold print shirts look awesome! They go well with Leggings or skinny jeans combine. This high-heeled pumps and the silhouette is slim and attractive. The pants should be colour matched to the shirt and the wearer must stand. Nothing looks better than a brilliant woman! As well as stylish a basic shirt comes in a corner shirt or a tunic shirt that make different lengths and a custom color combination style. Shirts in big size are ideally made from cotton or viscose, shirts of silk for an exceptional touch.


What to Wear for the Cultural Contest

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Have you heard of the talk about the cultural contest? Officer Look of the day rest assured because the battle of looks is already coming to an end. Too bad, because we’re going to miss you!  We love receiving the invitation to participate in the competition, have accompanied these last few months the national repercussions of the […]