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Fashion Stripes 2016 Summer

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Hello girls! Do you still remember the black and white stripes last year? Now they are back! This trend was launched by Marc Jacobs and returned fever worldwide! There was a joke among the fashionistas, the call of Beetlejuice. Set aside the kidding, the stripes are always a classic. Now they come back again, with various colors and different formats. Check here the main models and tips on how to use!

Vertical and horizontal stripes

No matter what fashion dictates, there are certain things that you should avoid. For example, thin vertical stripes lengthen the silhouette, while the horizontal stripes give an impression of getting fat, even they are thick stripes. So people who are more chubby and short should prefer the thin vertical stripes.

Navy style

The navy style also remains steadfast and strong. It’s a classic created and immortalized by Coco Chanel, which is inspired by sailors. The navy is used commonly on shirts, dresses, shorts and pantaloons, usually in navy blue, white and red.

Mix of prints

The stripes look great in the mix with prints or polka-dot pattern. The flowers are also often used with stripe.

Multicoloured stripes

The stripes represent the summer! If you wear a garment which is colorful and funny, then it will make you much modern and young. Just be careful not to exaggerate the dose, especially in the total set of stripes! When you are hesitant, you can choose a colored piece and combine it with one of neutral colors.

Accessories and furniture

Fashion is not limited in clothing any more; it also comes to the accessories and furniture. Bags, belts and shoes of stripes are the ones of the fashionistas. And stripes also appear in chairs, sofas, mugs and everything you can imagine!

The 11 Essential Bottoms of Maternity

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They’re here the summer sales and is the time to buy those clothes we need or some other whim. In Asos Maternity find the most modern, current market and affordable maternity clothes, yes everything is sold through its online store. If something does not suit you, you can always return or exchange. Here we tell you what are the 11 essential that you can buy in the sales of Asos.

Dress Bardot neckline

To go well comfortable bet for extensive short dress with flight and Bardot neckline, ie with open shoulders, in navy blue Asos Maternity.

Baggy pants

Baggy pants elegant clothes in starched finish fabric with drawstring waist above the belly with striped pattern in navy blue and white color Asos Maternity. We can combine with a shirt or blouse white.


Original cotton knit shirt color peach with twisted detail (knot style) in the front with neppi finish Asos Maternity.

Red Dress

Beautiful skateboarder dressed in red on linen fabric, round neckline, empire waist and bow detail on the straps and back of Asos Maternity.


Want to be the guest chic? If you have a wedding or an important event bet on a mono-culotte Maternity slightly textured fabric and cross straps neckline on back in blue Asos Maternity.

Denim skirt

Maternity denim skirt tube style stretch denim with front opening and adapts to the different stages of pregnancy Asos Maternity. A basic that every pregnant should have in her closet.

Shorts flower

If you want to look a very fresh and cheerful look opt for shorts with colorful floral pattern Lightweight and elastic waistband of Asos Maternity,.

Cowboys with broken

Maternity denim jeans with details of broken and knit band below the belly for comfort of Asos Maternity. Take advantage of rebates to buy one of the fashion jeans of the season.

Long shirt

Long sleeveless chiffon fabric with printed pinstripes and buttons on the front of Asos Maternity.

Dress midi green mint

Straight dress clothes in thick neoprene fabric green mint empire cut with sweetheart neckline, bodice and mesh with glitter stones to tone Asos Maternity.

Maxi Dress

Maternity Maxi chiffon dress with contrast paneling in navy blue and white Asos Maternity. A very elegant dress for any summer party.



Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trend Forecast

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Each season, fashion is faced with challenges. Summer brings its brilliance and joy that if transformed into trends – printing.

The summer fashion 2016 promises many trends, but actually people are interested in those which are more usable. That is to say, those parts are  not only concepts, but also totally available for everyone. Or, it is not a fashion far away from ordinary people. Designers design them for use and to make it happen.

How about parts of clothes that facilitate daily fashion to enjoy the summer? For you, the trend is to choose the most suitable definition of yourself and your own dress of your personality. And, we love to know what’s next in fashion, don’t we?

The webpage selects 4 fashion trends of summer 2016 and they are totally usable. We love fashion!

Shirt dress (Chemise)

Many designers bet that this will be displayed on the catwalks. This is considered as a classic and timeless piece. It can be more classical and more chic with lightweight fabrics in summer. It is a dress that can be very versatile for several occasions, work and ride as well as for various types of body, which makes it usable.


A neutral and classic color. Never goes out of style. It can come with a military proposal, safari or suitable for urban areas and traditional  occasions. The walkways outside explored enough that color of dress, shirt, shorts, pants and so on. Choose the piece you want to wear. It is available to choose from a light beige to sandy beige. It’s that kind of color that goes with almost everything. A classic combination is the khaki pant with white. And, it is a charm for men or for women, isn’t it?

Nautical stripes

Sailor stripes make the wardrobe more fun. Something is so simple that is has a classic and chic exuberance. Nautical stripes are seen in blouses, shirts and dresses. The pattern may come from a more elegant or more sports style. This is a textile design worth having. Beautiful for everyone.


Kimono jacket or kimono blouse style is a trend in 2016 summer fashion. The model is like the kimono very much, with focusing on the waist. Usually, a piece overlaps. And, this kind of design is excellent for people who want to disguise the extra pounds (plus size fashion). Not all of people need to disguise something, but, some people want to.

The trends are pretty interesting, aren’t they? Bet on what suits you and what you like. The best fashion is that it makes you look better and fits your own personality.

You also can try something new that you’ve never thought to use. Fashion is also a way to discover new things on yourself. Explore it.

Emerald Green Fashion 2016

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A lot of people love the color green! And this year the “gods” (= Pantone) choose it as the main color of the year! The emerald green has an association with luxury, nature, well being and harmony. Many people hesitate to use green because they fear of being unsuitable or even ugly. To facilitate the use of […]

Eight Maternity Swimsuits To Be The Most Beautiful Beach

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Bathing suits have become a must have and are gaining much ground to bikinis. For moms are absolutely divine models that are perfectly suited to the different months of pregnancy. Opt for swimsuits with strategic draping, with different necklines and cheerful or elegant prints. What is your favorite designs? Swimsuit in contrast Maternity bathing suit in blue klein trimmed in black […]

Bermuda Shorts and Maternity

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Now comes the heat need to take fresh clothing that transpire well and is comfortable. Different firms opt for maternity clothes jeans shorts, bermudas, shorts prints and smooth… There are many models to choose from that are perfectly adapted to the different stages of pregnancy. The you can combine with a shirt and sandals for […]

Ilado Paris, Necklaces Calming Baby Pregnancy

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Ilado Paris is a firm specializing in accessories “Angelcatcher“. Necklaces pregnancy are calming the baby thanks to a soft tinkling. To create its collections are inspired by the bells and meaning of appeasement and protection. In addition your jewelry pieces combine utility and design .   The ball , as they call their star necklace, is a sphere – shaped silver pendant that […]

Color Verde Esmeralda Pantone

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What color is in fashion this year? This is the question that every person wants to know! Being trend also means that there is a predisposition to the use of “something” (not just that something is being used). In order to know the color of fashion, we should refer to the artistic point of view, fashion, […]

How to Care for a Sweater

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When you have a vintage sweater frequently you have to take greater care than current clothing. This is due to that currently the mixture of natural fibres with synthetic, as well as advances in textile technology, make clothes easier washing, being possible to throw them both washing machine and drying without that they lose their […]

Black Dress Plus Size Evening

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Black dresses are ideal for elegant occasions and evening events. The especially exclusive color, black could make plus size evening wear extremely elegant and stylish. Black is a very popular color for elegant evening wear. Whether the cocktail party with friends, the opera or the romantic dinner for two people, black dresses give the wearers elegance and […]