Black and White Knit Cardigan

Today we will discover together the instructions for a new knitting as you can see in the photo here above, consists of a black and white cardigan, achievable with simple steps, without using special and complicated fantasy points, more audible only through charts and diagrams.

So let’s see together the explanations step by step. Materials needed: 750 grams of white yarn and 100 grams of black yarn (60% cotton and 40% microfiber, 50 grams = 75 meters), needles number 6, a circular needle long number 6 and finally 5 matching buttons. The final size at the end of work is a 42/44.

Points used in processing
coasts Point 1/1: * 1 sweater dir., 1 knit purl. * Repeat from * to *.

Coasts point 2/2: * 2 mesh dir., Knit 2 purl. * Repeat from * to *.

Stockinette dir.: Leg irons straight, return irons upside sample: 10 × 10 cm = 16 mesh and 23 irons).

Left front
Start 42 mesh in black with the number 6 needles and for the border, work in rib 2/2 for 4 cm, then go to m. Shaved dir. in black. A 20 cm of alt.tot., for ‘ pocket opening, leave the stitches from the 9th outstanding right on the cable needle to the 30 ^, end the iron and leaving open the job. For the inside pocket to start a new 24 m. Black and work in stocking dir. for 10 cm, then resume work on the front and insert the mesh interior mesh pocket instead left open, working by inserting the 2 m. the viv.adjacent. Continue in stockinette st on all meshes dir. in black. A 49 cm of alt. tot., for the V-neck, lower left every 8 rows 6 times 1 m. At the same time, to 51 cm alt. tot., for the sleeve armhole, cast off right every 2 rows 1 times 4 m., 3 times 2 m. and 3 times 1 m. A 20 cm from the beginning of armhole sleeve, for the shoulders bind off on the right every 2 rows 1x 5 mesh and 3 times 6 meshes.

Right front
Working symmetrically to the left front.

Start 90 mesh black with 6 needles and work in rib 2/2 to 10 needles, then work in stocking dir. A 51 cm of alt. tot.

work the sleeve armhole at the sides as for the front. Simultaneously with the beginning of the shoulder decreases (at 20 cm from the beginning of armholes sleeves), to shape the neckline, bind off the 10 m.central and end the two parts separately, weaving from side neck every 2 rows 2 times 2 sts.

Start 42 mesh black with 6 needles and work in rib 2/2 as follows: 2 rows black, 10 irons in white and continue in stocking dir. in black. At 8 cm of alt. tot., increase on either side every 6th row 9 times 1 jersey. A 42 cm of alt. tot., for the ‘ round, cast off the sides 4 m. and every 2 rows 1 time 2 m., 13 times 1 m., 1 time 2 m. and 1 time 3 m. Finally bind off the remaining 12 mesh.

How to pack cardigan
Close your shoulders, hips and underarm. Join the sleeves. On 22 mesh loose ends of the pockets work 10 rows in white and black 2 rows in rib 2/2, in the 2nd row in black braiding mesh. Close the narrow sides of the border. Sew the inside pocket. Circular needle 6, the edges of the neckline and placket edge, resume 320 shirts in white and work in rib 10 irons 2/2 white and 2 rows in black. In the 5th Iron Edge Right placket work 5 buttonholes (1 YO, 2 mesh together). Working the 1st eyelet to 10 cm from the bottom edge, the other at 10 cm distance from each other. In the 2nd row in black braiding mesh. Sew on buttons.