Beyonce and Miley Cyrus Give Everything at Christmas

The last days of the year have to take advantage of them, are the last hours of the 2013 and of course have to do what we had proposed to us that we met this year ending. Seems to be that Miley Cyrus and Beyonce attention, look through and leave no one indifferent with her looks have been proposed. It is true that they are doing throughout the year but the latest apparitions do not fall short.

We started with the lookazo of Miley Cyrus It has had a more successful year and to this I am sure that it has contributed its looks horrible that he has been wearing gala after Gala and event after event. It is clear that what he wants is to continue to call attention, making it with little clothes in video clips and with excessive in concerts like this. Has gotten into delicate territory of the artificial fur placing this immense greyish fur coat, do opens now debate environment to it?

Beyonce the truth is that it is quite accustomed to the attention with their outfits she thinks that it leads to perfection. As in the Jennifer Lopez they like to wear the dresses a couple of smaller sizes inlay style but really they don’t realize that as well are marked so many more the curves who want to pick up with their bands and their dress xs.

On this occasion Beyoncé has chosen a transparent dress with a multitude of applications Black mosaic style. The truth that the dress itself only has good paint but to the pop star is so small and so short that it manages to turn it on tacky and over if you put a maxibotas of the same concept you become still more poligonero. That dress in a size more with pretty Sandals would have been perfect but perhaps not had spoken about much of it are pure marketing?