Best Christmas Sweaters 2013

The Christmas sweaters are all those models made of wool, usually blue, red, green or white, and featuring embroidery, inspired by the characters and the Christmas motifs. Discover what are the proposals of the 2013 Christmas Jumpers.

Who knows what someone wore a controversial Christmas sweater at Christmas Eve dinner or during the 25 December. In short, it is really the case? But if once these sweaters, also known as Christmas Jumpers, were considered old-fashioned and out of date (but never out of place!), Now back to trend and invade the store of the biggest brands.

Do not believe us? You do not believe that there are still maxi pullover with reindeer and snowmen nevand? We must immediately smentirvi, we reveal that there are many proposals and now I will go to the present, so that all the fans, the nostalgic but also the people most ironic will know exactly where to find them to wear them during the festive season.

Sheinside, brand and well-known e-commerce site, mainly because of the unbeatable prices, has created many sweaters Christmas theme. As you can see from the above, are the reindeer’s favorite subjects from the Asian brand, which has declined on different colors. Li paired with jeans and boots and you will be perfect for stay at home and live the magic atmosphere of Christmas.

Fred Perry opts for a kind of reworking. His sweater, one of many, is black and the top is fully turned with diamond shapes and other colored geometric shapes in light blue, yellow, red, green and white.

H & M flagship on something chic (but not only) by presenting this beautiful white sweater snow, centrally characterized by a large flake of snow ner or embroidered and decorated with crystals and sequins. Not bad, do not you think?

Even Zara choose something more delicate and restrained. You know that the tartan is absolutely fashion, as well as all the fantasies that recover the plots checked. This proposal therefore seems absolutely delicious and even a little’preppy.

Finally, we propose a beautiful and warm Christmas sweater you can find on musthavesweater. The dark blue base is the background to the different elements that remind us the Christmas atmosphere: there are gifts packs, the tree and balls, all colored with the typical colors, like red, but white and green.