Best Brands of Shoes

Who doesn’t like to dress well doesn’t it? But I, in addition to caring about the clothes I love betting on the best brands of shoes. Even if some are more expensive, they are worth because of the comfort and durability of the product, after all, spend hours with a high heel is not that easy.

But hard even when the shops change their collections with several models with trends of fashion shoe 2013 that we were crazy. And if you’re thinking of buying a style the following which are the brands that you can rely on without error.

The 5 best brands of shoes


The brazilian brand, Arezzo, is one that I like to use, in spite of your price is a little high, she has shoes very comfortable and always bet in this fashion, in addition to investing in models that were there are a success according to MATERNITYGUIDES.COM. Worth checking out, a tip is to wait for the exchange of collections, because that’s when prices decrease, but if you fell in love with some special run because otherwise it will be difficult to find later.


The Schutz is the same owner of Arezzo, but with a more sophisticated in their footwear. Many of the national celebrities as Mariana Rios, Fernanda Paes Leme, Gianne Albertoni and Bruna Majmudar. Prices are not the closest of friends, but you always find a brand’s online store promotion.

Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia is also among the best brands of shoes, that’s because there’s no way not to fall in love with models of photo, used primarily by our beloved Sarah Jessica Parker in your last film in the series Sex and the city. The Golden platform your take any pumps for extreme luxury, plus bet on prints and textures.

Christian Louboutin

Our fashion icon could not be left out, creator of Cinderella shoes, Christian Louboutin is warmly acclaimed by famous national and international. There is one that doesn’t have a little black dress in the closet and to the who also like actress Blake Lively he did a model especially for her, pure luxury no? You would also like to have a red-soled sandal, the hallmark of the designer, to use and abuse?

Manolo Blahnik

Worldwide phenomenon in the 1990, Manolo Blahnik starred the principal roles in television with its chic and stylish models. Even after all this time it still reinvents itself to continue conquering the feet of celebrities. You can’t not love, isn’t it?

And Oh, girls, like my selection of the best brands of shoes? Which brands would you add?