Benetton Underwear Collection

Today we present the collection of underwear Undercolors for autumn winter 2010 2011, a line of intimate colorful, fun but also sexy, in perfect Benetton style. The new collection is divided into three lines that are: Poetic Rebel, Strong Appeal and Wool is Cool, together are able to interpret the style of each of us, at any time of the day, funny, sexy and romantic, every woman wants to be all and its opposite and with Benetton this is possible, and without spending prohibitive figures.

Benetton Underwear Collection

The collection of intimate Benetton is very feminine, I like how the brand is able to play with textures, colors, prints and patterns reasons, in short, as for clothing, even underwear is solar and irresibile, in and out of bed!

Let’s see the three of underwear Benetton lines for Autumn Winter 2010-11:

  • Poetic Rebel: is the most romantic line, we have floral prints, stripes and squares on their own or incorporated in contrast colored parts together.
  • The colors are dominant blue, green and purple, we have the classic garments but also the link road to the top and full of pants for women, and style trunks in stretch cotton tubular.
  • Strong Appeal: is the most sensual line that showcases our sex appeal, we lace, translucent fabrics, transparencies and softness to decorate panties and bras.
  • Wool is Cool: could not miss a fun and lively line, and here comes a nice flock of sheep declined in various colors and in some cases even in camouflage effect to decorate pajamas, underwear and underwear for the Songaah.

Benetton Underwear Collection 1

Benetton Underwear Collection 2

Benetton Underwear Collection 3