Becomes a New Trend of Street Style: Knot You Shirt to The Waist

With This revival that are taking the 90 these past months we are rediscovering ourselves with trends and accessories that we had forgotten. A few days ago we talked about one of the black spots of that decade, the Fanny Pack and now it is the turn to sleeves knotted at the waist.

There are many bloggers of style that have joined this trend as 90 to me us reminiscent of the fresh Prince of Bel Air, saved by the Bell and all these series of teenagers full of flannel shirts and prints. The kit of the question when it comes to applying this trend is that shirt that you use should be pictures. The rest of the outfit you decide.

There are some that match dresses or skirts Although the most common is to find trousers with shirt (usually skinny but not always), either jeans or other material.