Beach Pajamas

Beach or bath, pajamas was popularized by Coco Chanel in the 1920s when she herself sailor wore pants style. It was a new category of comfortable clothes called “resort or cruise” that emerged in the twenties and thirties, when it became fashionable sunbathe and swim in the leisure time.

They soon became a classic of beach to give women freedom of movement since the trousers were wide at the hips, wide legs and ankles wider still. They were joined by a seam from high waist to a body with halter neck. Tissues also helped, were very light: such as ribbing, linen and plush. In addition to comfortable were colorful and striking, since they added details of tailoring: loops, decorative buttons, belts… Put it Oak of bathing suits.

Soon they began to merge with top and disparate jackets. Pajama’s bathroom was characterized by a pronounced cleavage in the back in the form “U”, a complex Web of straps or a halter neck. The godets (triangular inserts) contributed a volume added around the hem.

It related to sportswear, for comfort, and began to be for sporting activities such as golf or tennis.

In the image above we can see the inspiration of the fashion of the time in the Art Déco details.

You need a totally different clothing for leisure activities of the time, it should include among them “costume basics of doing nothing” and thus arose the beach pajamas according to Holidaysort. Coco Chanel was able to adapt and anticipate a need is. As increasingly women followed diet and doing exercise, once unthinkable, could carry less structured, practical styles for the day. The fabric for the evening changed and preference was China crepe.

For the beach or sports areas used to take them alone. But normal was to accompany them with a masculine cut or a fine jersey white shirt. The loose cardigans of court square with two buttons closure below the large opening in the form of “V” which became two small flaps. And the pockets were to each side of the front. To close the outfit, shoes were flat or with a small Cuban heel and with a little tip.