Bags with Words Fashion

Why waste your breath when talking can be the bags? Discover with us the patterns with the words that will charm you at first glance

We are always looking for some super cool accessory that can make our outfit stunning and unforgettable. We often opt for something really special but that ultimately doesn’t convince us too. You’re looking for a nice warm season it bag ?

The bags with the inscriptions are among the latest novelties of this summer 2016. There are all kinds and especially every sentence, phrase or word. As you know, however, this is not a particularly imaginative fashion trend or modern, because it certainly happened other times to meet a model characterized by some message that intrigued us. The great success of this season should be most at one of the largest in the world, namely Chanel maison, who wanted to launch his own bags, from big ones from day till beautiful box bags.

Therefore, we begin our journey by French fashion house and among the various proposals views during the parade, we have selected this black rectangular clutch with Votez Coco. A provocation? A little, because the collection has leaked a clear feminist message, where women must reclaim its role, its position and all rights attached not only duties. And as a representative in this case is better than the great Coco Chanel?
Absolutely more easy the proposal to accessorize PSYKNOWHOW, which in summer is a perfect $ 2.12 USD to go to sea and protect their assets, in shades of white and blue, reminiscent of the sea, and with the inscription “Hit the Beach”. In short, clear message, it does not seem to you?

What Asos, in fact, it is even more clear. A simple greeting, a Bye left so, out of a bag, which could be the perfect message for anyone who bothers us and to whom we would like to say to go somewhere else.

Among the bags with floral patterns are also the coolest with the words and in this case we cannot mention the trademark Pandorine, funny and ironic phrase that made its workhorse. This is just one of the last made by the brand, but if you are after some specific and more direct message, check out the full collection.