As We Were: Geena Davis Para Victoria’s Secret

The beautiful nymphs of Victoria’s Secret they have been long giving to speak but did not imagine that. Their catalogs and their parades are cause for great excitement and have to ladies and gentlemen glued to the TV rather than the latest chapter of Twin Peaks. But Victoria’s Secret It is not any girl and already has a long history. I love it remember the past and what were we and fashion. Os imaginabais that the protagonist’s? Thelma & Louise It would have been model?

We have changed but perhaps not as much as we think though this image might make us think that centuries have passed, actually it’s been 32 years, and the image dates from 1980. In it the actress Geena Davis looks natural as life itself.

What he called us the attention of the image? Stockings glass, thank God that already not be estilan, the zero touch, natural breasts and not at all flattering position and make-up which was fashionable at the time: alaaaa all at the same time, lips and eyes and cheekbones. Do not miss anything. Nothing except a spotless hair, better that collected gait by House, perhaps the Barber had jam and was unable to attend.