Android Is Losing Market Share Around the World

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Android Is Losing Market Share Around the World

Kantar World panel market researchers examine regularly the worldwide distribution of operating systems for smart phones. In the 1st quarter of 2015, Google’s Android has claimed no surprise further. In many countries, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows phone increasingly fished up market share of Android.

Kantar World panel regularly examines the worldwide distribution of the operating systems on Smart phones. Androids supremacy remained in while in the 1st quarter 2015 undisputed. However, the figures show the market researchers that Microsoft’s strategy with affordable smart phones a foothold to success shows obvious. Because it gives the statistics from Kantar World panel believe, so Windows phone to put in some countries. Clearly, Microsoft was able to increase its market share in France compared with the prior-year period. 6 percentage points increased Windows phone and now comes to 14 percent. The second largest Windows-phone growth in Europe was Germany, where the operating system backs up 8.7 percent market share. Total grew market share in the five main European markets by 1.8 percent.

It looks the same at iOS. Here too, the market share in Q1 2015 Europe rose 1.8 per cent compared to Q1 2014. The success of Apple’s operating system is the good sales of iPhone. Android, however, was forced to cede on the basis of the positive numbers for Windows phone and iOS 3 percent of market share, looking at the five main European markets. The situation in the United States, where Android is also leader, fails the iOS but low gap is slightly different. Androids market share is at 58 percent in the 1st quarter by 2015 compared to the 36.5 percent of iOS. Windows phone does not, market share, however, in the United States over just under 4 percent. It remains to be seen how the distribution is developed. Finally 6 could follow this year still Windows 10 for smart phones, iOS9 and Android, what could safely take influence on the market.

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