And More Collection Stradivarius Autumn/Winter: the Cold Is Coming!

For many of you it is the most awaited collection. Last week I showed you one of the lines of the collection Stradivarius autumn/winter 2010 / 2011, on concrete proposals for the collection Love your Style,.

Today touches show you the second collection of Stradivarius: We Love Winter, which reflects the colder winter through three different lines: the inspirations Vintage 70’s, Rustic Folk and Nomadic Spirit. Mainly garments of wool in all its versions so you abrigues you well and with style.

Stradivarius autumn/winter 2010 / 2011: Rustic Folk

In this line we enter more winter environments through a rustic collection inspired by the mountain. The color palette ranges from the Green Khaki or bottle green, to Brown, cream and orange warm.

We come with checked shirts style mountain and tricot cardigan thickness that surround us in the colder autumn, all with dresses and pants in poly skin Dark Brown that printed the collection a more sophisticated air.

Synthetic hair It begins to take center stage above all in jackets and bags; and continue with jogging style in Plush pants, getting a touch of glamour in the mountain.

As fashion accessories, irresistible as foulards pictures in natural colors, bags combined colour cream and whisky and belts extra fine to enhance your figure to the waist.

Stradivarius autumn/winter 2010 / 2011: Vintage 70’s

This is the most romantic line of the 1970s: a vintage-inspired look, a silhouette that extols the absolute femininity with clean cuts. Include genuine cashmere prints in shades of mustard, lands and Brown.

Delicate and feminine fabrics, applique t-shirts and shirts with ties are ideal to combine above items with pants who again worship at the waist and they widened on bass, as well as denim shorts or Suede, giving it a very romantic chic boho look.

Wraps complete the look through fabrics in cotton, leather and exaggerated hair. In addition, the tricot jacquard cardigan they are emerging as a new must.

And to complete the trend, we cannot forget two color scarves with fringes in addition to bogart with braids and feather hats.

Stradivarius autumn/winter 2010 / 2011: Nomadic Spirit

This collection for my taste is film, inspired by the free spirit that we all love: living in a lonely alpine hut, feel the breeze of the evening on the face and the warmth of the wood. Thus was born the most nomadic inspiration: a glamorous mix of wool, tweed, hairs, pile structures and blends that bring a casual air.

All in the more natural colours (black and white) and playing with the above positions and polar raw denim. I love the mini dress & tops with sweetheart of wool. They are original, eye-catching and perfect for the winter.

We find double-sided jackets with sheepskin, vests and jackets for hair, the noble material par excellence. Also in Suede jackets and sport plushes. The tricot occurs in thick gauge, with braids, even on dresses.

Plug-ins include Astrakhan with details of poly bags skin, extra long scarves and endless wool socks to wear with boots, ankle boots but also with sandals and platforms of winter. They succeed the Mountain boots with oiled skins, wedge them with laces, rubber floors, back skin, decorative hairs and wood in wedges and booties.