And If We Throw Away The Roll and Mix Prints?

Posted by admin on June 27, 2017

Maybe it will be that the spirit of Blair Waldorf still present among us and this season more than ever. And is that the Queen of the Upper East Side, the preppy style and looks risky but infallible inspires many these days thereupon, the art for combine prints. And there are many which take their lessons in style this season and dare to go out with a mixture of strange prints but in the end and after terminating resulting cool.

Pictures tartan with stripes, PATA de gallo or Leopard. I would have never said that each of these prints had nothing to do with the following, but bloggers well demonstrate that anything is possible if you know how. Giving two of the items prominence, the rest of the outfit does not have much what.

And even if less is more, choose which two garments are the protagonists and start playing with them. We make a good proposal it may be to your liking, or you loathe it, but sure that inspires you If you want to rescue that Miss B. style one day provided us.

  • Cowl neck sweater from White, 19.99 EUR.
  • Floral skirt of Mango, 29.99 euros.
  • Blue checkered handkerchief of Zara, 22.95 euro.
  • Moccasins of buckles from Bershka, 35,99 EUR.
  • With precious stones of Maisonduposh, 189 euros.

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