And If I Get Alternative and Will’s Wedding Guest with a Monkey?

The other day we were debating on Twitter if I would like to go with a monkey’s guest at a wedding. Now they are both and that there are so many alternatives, we have many possibilities. And the truth is that Yes, you can get alternative, very cool and modern with a monkey.

You can combine it with a small headdress, with a casual up-do, look with some thin strappy sandals, with a narrow belt and a wallet with discrete. This Weddings spring-summer 2014 season Remember that you have an alternative to the classic dress would you dare?

  • Mono straps in coral color of ASOs, per 67,47 EUR.
  • Monkey flowers of OASIS per 105,42 EUR.
  • Black Mango monkey for 49.99 euros.

And if you are looking for something more unique, choose this top and Pant set of Cortana dress with floral print that conjoined with a belt, looks like a monkey. The top with halter neckline is worth $ 420 euros and the baggy trousers 460.

Photos | Oh my vogue

Monkeys trend in Jezebel

  • The monkey is still the star garment for this summer
  • Monkeys in your day to day now in the winter is possible?