All Garments in the Collection Fashion against AIDS H & M

The Fashion Against AIDS collection of H & M, that comes this time with his second delivery, has as objective to fight against AIDS, as its name indicates, and so joins faces well-known on the current scene, belonging to different arts (from Katy Perry to Tokio Hotel).

Already Nuria showed the campaign at the time but needed to see all the clothes that consisted of. Garments that are inspired by the 80s and have various designs where the practice of safe sex is the center of attention, with messages like “Girls just wanna have safe sex”, “Protect and survive” and “Use one”.

Likewise the t-shirts thrown bet for great measures to make the times of short dresses or smaller measures.

80s style is also seen in prints. Great lyrics, adaptation of Henry Holland style these days…

and even the distinctive drawings of Moby.

The most extreme case are the two bodies designed by Katy Perry, according to HeartAttackSkirts, they represent the interior of the human body, with the respective bodies, including a smiling heart yellow or red sneaks.

There is time for ego with Dita Von Teese and his shirt showing his face (one of the most successful in the collection).

One of the hits is the design of Dangerous Muse with a heart formed by condoms.

While Yoko Ono for an interesting design in different languages.

Pharell you prefer the pink and the use of the brain on the top to prevent AIDS.

Option to Roisin Murphy reduced to the minimum with your design in white and the word protection.

Finally, among other designs, the popular Tokio Hotel They cover their shirts with generous skulls on a black background.

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