A Laborious Embroidered Wedding Dress

We know that some may have begun with the fantastic but little lasting purposes again year. January is the month when everyone has the spirit of self-improvement by clouds, which is great, but clear, not vale jump overboard into the first opportunity.

On Monday we left the party stand half-empty because many of our most glamorous dresses were the showroom of the Goya Awards. Costume for here we spent all morning perch there, recovering the volumes of some dresses and making small repairs so they could take all impeccable. There are just a couple of weeks to the Goya Awards and we are eager to know who will wear one of our designs.

We also begin to make a new wedding dress. This long and costly process began as always starting from the design of Leyre showing on Internetiest, then in the workshop we created the pattern. Then we must position the pattern on the fabric to cut it, and this is the most complicated part since it must be done taking into account the reasons for embroidery, so to reassemble, fit. Chest clip eliminate through a cross section, assemble parts in the dummy, and close to pla on the workpiece clamp bottom (later cut the excess fabric remaining below) trying to embroidery is as clean as possible. To avoid clamps that would deform the embroidery, will have fitted parts to mannequin everything without distorting it or create wrinkles, because non-elastic tissue cannot be adjusted without clamps, but can rolling slightly in Center of back and side cuts.

After modeling the dress on the mannequin, move threads (is sewn with a thread loose to mark where they are sewn), then withdraws from the dummy to baste and followed is tested in a human body to finally pass it to machine. The bass of the dress, as well as sleeves and neck are cut and finished according to the drawing of the embroidery. And do not think you will be a transparent dress, no girlfriend marry as well. You’ll still have to wait a few weeks to see it finished.

Tuesday at very first time we received the Xishang magazine with the interview we did, as you have already seen on our social networks. Yes, it is in Chinese, but our brand is well read in Spanish

Leyre has started to give classes in INNADI and the coming month in MSMK so it sometimes, in his absence, the workshop becomes a bit chaotic, but just a little bit. Before you go leave the list of tasks that we have to do, so that we not boring. It is demanding and a perfectionist, but maja. Go already knowing it, future students.

We painted our showcase a little to make it more attractive. You can not hold you the desire to get close to gossip a little, we know what your favorite hobby because it is one of the most beautiful shops of Madrid. Although we do not want to use the only excuse to get close, you know that you can go through our store whenever you want, we still have sales, I say no more.