A Handmade Clock to Decorate Our Wall

Sometimes we have a big wall to decorate and we do not get to choose any way to decorate it that we like. Either we put something big to flood the entire wall, or we put several small things that will splatter it. After trying several options nothing convinces us and then what do we ? Well today we have found one more option.

What do you think of this minimalist and almost abstract handmade clock? It is very simple to do and you will have to do it yourselves. The only difficulty we will have will be to get the number placed so that even if they are misplaced they continue to set the time.

A Handmade Clock to Decorate Our Wall 1

Here we see it applied to an office or a reception, but we can apply it perfectly in each, for example, the wall of the sofa, on it, or in the kitchen.

What we will need:

A clock machine (any clock that we have at home and that does not serve can be worth, if there is none we can buy it.

for numbers we can use anything we can think of: plastic cups, computer keys, bottle caps, plates, etc …. What good we choose.

A Handmade Clock to Decorate Our Wall 2

– glue


First we will place the mechanism of the clock in the center, to take it for reference and to go placing later the rest of pieces. By the way, before we must have painted and decorated each of the numbers.

Once we hit the center, we will paste the numbers as we want, according to their original shape, circle, square, asymmetric, etc…

A Handmade Clock to Decorate Our Wall 3

When we put the last piece we can boast original clock and personalized and designed by ourselves like showing on Healthvv.com.