A Dress Maxi for the Street Look?

A comfortable day-by-day, with a printed dress. The heat that brings so many shorts and tiny miniskirts has alternatives in the long maxi of the dresses. Jennifer Lopez is targeted to this style and to our surprise pick one nice.

Jennifer Lopez and her maxi dress

Not every day we see Jennifer Lopez with a dress of those who take note. Perhaps on this occasion rose from the bed with the other foot and was found by chance in a dress that’s cool.

The touch folk, with cutting Empire in a geometric pattern in successful colours and fine straps. If we avoid the Golden mirror sunglasses it would not seem that we are talking about Jennifer Lopez.

Three maxi dresses on sale

  • Mango It is Baroque in pastels this long dress for 29.99 euros (before 59.99 euros).
  • Zara TRF He points to two shades of blue with turquoise flowers and Halter by 15,99 EUR (formerly 39.95 EUR).
  • Adolfo Dominguez go up to the Palm tree between tones mustard and strapless neckline on this dress satin type for 89 euros (before 108 euros).

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Jennifer Lopez in Jezebel style

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