9 Golden Rules to Wear Leggings Or Tights

Put attention and discovered how to look divine with this wildcard garment to wear day and night.

Use the same color as your leggings lingerie: this garment is elastic and can let see what we carry below. Better to be cautious!

  1. probate the leggings before buying them: may, at times, be unique waist. But, the reality is that you have to be to the body, very loose nor hyper adjusted.
  2. stockings aren’t leggings based on getzipcodes.org: some girls believe that because some tights have a little translucent stamping or are more gruesitas can use as shims. Acordate to stockings are stockings and the leggings, leggings!
  3. do not use tight underwear: if you carry a Bishop you much tightening in the queue or the waist, it is likely to be mark, making you feel not well.
  4. think twice before using white leggings: white is comes with everything this season but the leggings have to conform well to the body and can make you look less svelte. Note well how to combine them to wear them properly.
  5. learn to say goodbye to them: whole garment has a shelf life. When the lycra is worn out, it shows. So even though they are your favorite leggings, dispose of them. In addition, with the loss of adjustment, not shape both your legs or your tail.
  6. no other hikes: unless they are high, do not try to upload them to the waist and “stick” to the legggings because it is not flattering.
  7. Note that have a good fit at the waist: most uncomfortable is a leggings that you fall off and have to be accommodating to you all the time. Check out who have a good fit.
  8. careful with prints: remember that the smooth leggings Stylize and the stamped give you more volume.

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