7 Tips to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable


span class=”notranslate” onmouseover=”_tipon(this)” onmouseout=”_tipoff()”> Did you buy a new shoe that hurts? Are your feet covered with blisters? Check out these tips, suggested by Buzzfeed staff, and leave “your foot, your dear foot that holds you all day” more comfortable:

  1. When buying a shoe, prefer to go out in the afternoon or evening.As their feet may swell (and stay up to a larger size) during the day, it is a good request to try shoes when they are at the larger size they normally reach according to CANCERMATTERS.
  2. Do new shoes need to be laced?Put on a thick sock, slip on your shoes and run the dryer over them.This technique speeds up the process without you having to pay the price limping around.
  3. Put tea bags inside your shoes to avoid cholé – with that the bad smell is absorbed.
  4. Is your shoe/shoe making a strange (and embarrassing) noise at every step?This may be because the sole and insole are being rubbed.A little talc between the two will lessen the effect.
  5. Will you use jumps?Use tape to secure the third and fourth toes together.This technique avoids so much pressure on the nerve between the two toes – and makes the soles of your feet hurt less.
  6. Are your new shoes slipping?Lightly sand the soles a little and avoid falls.
  7. Has the bubble already happened?Make a scald-feet with green tea.The anti-inflammatory properties of tea will help relieve the pain of the blisters and make them heal faster.