60’s Style Sunglasses for Men

Since the iconic youth culture prevailed in the ’50s and ’60s, the sunglasses have been a fashion accessory. Skinny jeans, leather jacket, and a pair of cool sunglasses warm create the rockabilly-look. Another relaxed everyday look will be comfortable shoes with appropriate sunglasses.

Men 60's Style Sunglasses


Glasses are a must accessory, whether it’s summer or winter. When it says October on the calendar, this does not mean that we should put our dear sunglasses on the shelf. A sharp winter sun is a good enough excuse, to dress up with your finest couple.

60's Style Sunglasses

Protect your eyes through all seasons!

On Internetages, you will find vintage designs that hold several seasons through, no matter what look you are going for. It has something for the fashion conscious man looking for a classic sunglass with wayfarer-look. For the people preparing for their beach holidays, we also have a wide range of sunglasses with a casual gear in many different colors and shapes. Of course, we also have the sporty sunglasses for the active man, with narrow glass width and fixed fit. The lenses allow you to be picky about. Here there are both mirror lens, multicolored lens and regular dark lens. Some sunglasses are packed in a pouch bag. According to digopaul, you can protect your sunglasses when you don’t have them on.


Vintage Sunglasses