5 Ways to Wear a Cardigan


A cardigan is that sweater usually made ​​of wool or cotton, which opens forward by means of buttons, and in some cases through the zipper. Initially they were worn by men, but in the course of time have become a ubiquitous garment in the wardrobe of women. Simple and convenient, it is easy to match and adapts to very different styles. Let us find out 5 ways to wear a cardigan a must try.


In the course of time, just like any other end, the cardigan has evolved to be always in step with fashion and to adapt to a wider audience. This is how new models of this head, moving from his classic cut but maintaining the convenience and versatility. Long, short, plain or embroidered, you can find one suitable for your every look. The first way that you have to wear this head of trend, is the classic way. Match it with a round neck, a shirt or a plain t-shirt, unbuttoned or open depending on your personal taste.

With Little Belt

Long cardigan open with thin little belt tied at the waist paired with leggings with boots or ballet flats for a fresher look and youthful. Keep tonal matching everything following a single color, thus avoiding to go from one color to another. You can, for example, choose a brown cardigan and brown boots paired with leggings and t-shirt beige.

With Dress

With the spread of cardigans in women’s fashion, here we find it combined with many other garments, and clothes are no exception. Opt for cardigans that do not go beyond life and leave fully open stopping him only to the first button. They are fresh clothes for hot or heavy seasons for those cold, you can not go wrong!


The oversized cardigan is one that protects us from the cold. Warm, soft and comfortable, it is absolutely essential if you find a comfortable solution, hot and trendy for the coldest days. Great when paired with hats and scarves wool, you can use it as an alternative to jackets or vests heavy.


For evenings with friends, for party or a dinner, short cardigan over a tight-fitting dress and high shoes for a glamorous and irresistible look. Opts for dark colors and matching clutch. Whatever your choice you can not go wrong, the cardigan is always a trend leader, but careful not to mistake the color combinations and accessories, the result could be disastrous.