5 Reasons to Wear Suede

We are in full fall-winter season, and as such,leather garments give way to suede clothing to become the protagonist of all kinds of looks from the cold season.

5 Reasons to Wear Suede

Firms such as Gucci, Burberry or Loewe have decided to opt for suede garments that predominate in all their collections. Pay tribute to the Bohemian spirit and dare to wear suede.

Do not have any clothes in your closet yet? Indemodaybelleza we give you 5 good reasons.

Why Invest in Suede Clothing?

#1 Latest Trends

A bag, a skirt or a jacket, are basic for this season inspired by ethnic and bohemian trends. Cheer on this style and wear clothes that have fringesto fill your looks with movement and see you in a western style worn by all the celebrities.

#2 The 70’s’ Come Back

Perfect for your seventies looks, boho style is one of the most repeated proposals season after season, and as it could not be less, this winter comes back strongly this style. Suede booties, like the ones I show you in the photo below, or a hippy dress and a vest will be the key to show off this look.

#3 Star Fabric Next Spring

There are no better clothes this sunday-winterthan suede. But, do you know what it will take next spring? Get ahead and get your suede outfit, because besides going to fashion in winter, you can redeem it until spring. We saw him in the parades of autumn-winter, but it will be in spring when his reign is absolute. Bet on miniskirts, dresses and vests.

#4 Low Cost Version

No need to spend a buck on suede. All thanks to the antelina, the low cost version of the ante. The antelina is the fabric that imitates the buff. You will find many garments with this type of fabric at a more affordable price so that you cancombine your looks more easily this fall-winter.

#5 Forever

Forever? Yes, you read it right. The suede garments, have the advantage that never go outof fashion. It is a fabric that survives over the years, and that will never stop being a trend .That’s why it’s worth investing in suede, since you’ll always be fashionable and a must-have or a basics in your closet.

What is your favorite suede? Mine are the suede boots. Leave your comment and tell me whichsuede is your favorite.