5 Different Types of Hats

Heeey lovelies! Who’s always looking for something to complement the look but never know how? Because then … The Hat is a great choice of accessory that lets look so more stripped down and full of style and best of all is that you can use in all seasons and various ways. There are 5 types of hats and I’m going to show you how to use each of them such as baseball caps.


1 – Panama Hat

Of Ecuadorian origin and made of straw, closed plots this type of hat is often used here in Brazil and especially on the beach, but it is a mistake to think that it can only be used with bath output, it can also be used to increment that look of the day more praiano you know? If you like wearing shorts, shirt and sandals, with larguinha Panama Hat will make your look much more stylish. In addition to those that have a style but sports and casual Panama falls very well too.

2-Fedora Hat

The fedora hat is very similar to the Panama but is felt and can be used in various looks, for those who have a boho style he looks great! Use and abuse of this style of hat because it goes with everything!

3-Bowler Hat

The bowler hat has the most Cup Round and well curved tabs, for being a little more difficult to use, is it legal to dare and use in events such as festivals, shows it is very very cool. Looks with black pieces adorn well with crumpets but remember that you must use your creativity and style always. You dare!

4-Clochê Hat

One of the most romantic hats and much used at the time 20:30, he asks a look much more delicate and with that doll face you know? But you can give a changed and put a Grasshopper not to be so little girl like that. This type of hat is used more in overnight events it is more elegant and chic.

5-Floppy Hat

I believe it is one of the most well-known and used hats isn’t it? With large and well rounded Cup tabs, the floppy hat is romantic and stripped at the same time. Can be used both on hot days as on cold days and believe me it is beautiful in every way. If you like to use looks hippie-chic style floppy hat is perfect for you, but to tell the truth he is good with everything!

But Josie, what type of face shape each hat looks better? Come here I explain you:

Oval face

If you have an oval face, i.e. larger cheeks and narrower Chin, should prefer hats in both the aba as the Cup are proportional sizes. Do not choose hats or with the flap too large and not too small, so avoid using the coco model or floppy that has very large tab.

Round face

For most small round faces the tip is to wear hats with the Cup between median and high and the tabs must also be proportionate to the size of the Cup. Round face women should avoid model cloche.

Square face

Women of square face with chins and foreheads longer should prefer models with wider wings and rounded cups and median size high. The floppy model is best suited for this type of face.

Triangular face

Narrower chins and the rest of the face wider define the triangular face and women that have this kind of face should you prefer hats with rounded tabs and Cup and in smaller sizes. The bowler hat is great for this type of face, I Panama and fedora should be avoided because they rounded Cup.