3 Shoes to Wear with a White Shirt

A common perception about women is that they never have nothing to wear despite the hundreds of dresses that hang in his closet, and therefore, the choice of a dress each morning is a very difficult task; When the choice is becoming more and more complicated all opt for a white shirt, so here we give a quick guide about 3 shoes to match a white shirt come here!


It should be clear that the flatforms are not only for the women of stature and that also offer a strong and dominant style. They are perfect to wear with a white shirt or a short white dress.

Color: Most of the flatforms come in solid colors, or nude color white with white make a good contrast. Black and bright as the silver or blue colors also make a good combination with a white shirt.

Type: The flatforms are perfect for use with a short dress or a white shirt; However, do not get professional style that you might be looking for according to WRITINGLES.COM.


From stilettos to Swedish, women can’t resist to add at least two or more pairs of heels in your wardrobe from time to time.

Color: Choose contrasts like coffee or black for an elegant look or bright colors such as yellow or orange for a more daring look decent. If you opt for white heels combined with your white shirt that is only if you wear trousers that contrast.

Type: Heels are perfect with a smart white shirt, with or without buttons, and in general all kinds of white shirts.


A sandal is perfect for creating any type of look; from punk, modern, daring, decent, urban, casual, etc.

Color: Any color Sandals makes a good combination with a white shirt.

Type: Low heel sandals are a good choice to take them with your shirt and create a corporate-style, on the other hand, high-heeled sandals are perfect for a modern and contemporary look.