3 Shoes That Every MOM Should Have

A mother, especially shoes, costume options are chosen largely for their needs in comparison to what you like or want to. For a mother who is constantly on the move, either to pick up children from school, take them to their ballet classes or run behind them by supermarket; the importance of the functionality and the comfort of the shoe not be can be emphasized enough.

The choice of footwear should have more consideration than the clothing and thus fill the closet with appropriate shoes.

Keeping the above factors of practicality and comfort in mind, we have for you 3 options of shoes that all MOM must have in your collection.

Platform sandals

If you had to say goodbye to your heels for some good reason, your desire to wear heels is still a reality with platform sandals. There are 3 main reasons why you should opt for these Sandals to replace heels. First, have a strong control over the foot minimizing the chances that feet of slide out the shoe. Secondly, since the heel is the platform, provides a better balance and less chance of a sprained foot. And finally, look just as elegant as any other shoe heel.

Flat shoes

Flat shoes should take up more space in your closet. These shoes are the perfect options to go market to the laundry and then run to your child’s school to deliver them on time your lunch they left at home. In addition, they are versatile since they can be used with all kinds of costumes and your style is completely covered with a pair of comfortable shoes from floor.

Padded shoe

Padded shoe is the essence of comfort due to the much softer sole. A pair or two of these shoes is essential in your wardrobe, if you wait a day longer than usual, insurance will prevent foot pain and fatigue considerably.