3 Shoes for All Your Days

Fashion is a go and come from styles. Constantly changes and evolves. Flexi is characterized by its models of footwear of Vanguard which can be combined with items that we use every day. Today we recommend three models of shoes of Lady as the best option for this season. If you want to take a walk with friends or enjoy a day outdoors with a casual and sporty style at the same time, these lines are for you.

Sneakers with laces

It is one of the Flexi models for all your days can be combined with different garments. Style 28206 of pink has a modern cut with drilled in the uppers. It has metallic finishes, details of colour contrast and is armed with soft fur without lining. It provides comfort and is ideal to wear with leggings, jogging pants, shorts or Bermuda shorts.


The model 28202 color copper presents a modern cut. It has drilled in all their uppers and details of contrast color with metallic finishes. It is armed with soft skin and unlined. His avant-garde style makes it suitable for use with skirts, jeans and shorts based on ITYPEJOB.


One of the models of shoes from our catalog of Flexi is that of the ballerinas of the line 27904 of color so. Combined with long and short skirts, dresses and denim pants. It has the system comfort flat that provides maximum comfort. Its design incorporates different mixtures of perforated texture. It also includes a monkey as a grace for the uppers as a touch of distinction.

Visit our catalog Flexi 2017 to be always in fashion. Here you will find all kinds of shoes for both ladies and gentlemen. They are so comfortable and versatile that you can combine them with any clothing you have in your closet.