3 New Ideas to Take Your Shoes

Well they say that a pair of shoes is the living reflection of your personality and is also one of the main elements that people set their gaze to see you.
Your shoes say a lot about you, but what other ways we can bring them to really express who we are?

Today we have compiled for you, 3 new ideas in that men can carry their shoes, either this season or any time of the year, notes!

1. with trousers above the ankle

One of the Favorites this season. The key is to choose trousers with one length less than the height of your ankle. You can supplement them with a variety of shoes: monks, brogues and even some more formal as the Oxford shoes. The moccasins are another option you have at hand to look casual and stylish.

2. hidden pants

This is another great ways in which you can Stylize your look. Just make sure that your pants are the thin enough to hide them inside your shoes. They look better with boots, but you can also take them with any type of footwear that allows you to it. You can wear jeans or something more formal according to historyaah.

3. with no-no pants

This option is ideal to show off your jeans in a different way. It’s opt with straight-cut garments and contrasting colors on the outside and the inside. The footwear you can use ranges from the classic oxfords to derby, boots and even loafers shoes. You can accompany your look with a sport coat or a shirt buttons.