3 Home Remedies to Eliminate Odors in Your Shoes

Odors in shoes is one of the most horrific and repulsive problems, especially in spring and summer when the foot perspires through the heat. The use of closed shoes gives you great comfort, but on the other hand has the disadvantage of not allowing the passage of air in full, does not provide the evaporation of sweat and as a result causes bad smells.

There is, however, some home remedies that do not require more than some elements readily available everyday and who probably have in your home. We will discuss 3 home remedies to eliminate odors in your shoes.

Tea bags

In case you wonder what benefits can bring one teabag used to the world? the answer is quite simple; the great benefit of keep your shoes free of odor and a great gift for your sense of smell. Just dry a used teabag, put it inside your shoe, leave it until the other day in a way the tea bag to absorb the odor leaving completely odor free shoes and very fresh according to Educationvv.

Lima shell

Shell lime, or any other citrus, thanks to its smell and its essential oils act as large repellent smell. The use of strips of lime in the shoe will prevent by complete odor.

Sodium bicarbonate

It turns out that make delicious cakes is not the only thing in which sodium bicarbonate comes into play. They also have another function very practical and useful, the treatment of smell in shoes. Simply spray a considerable amount of baking soda inside your shoe and leave it to dry overnight. You should be very careful, especially with leather shoes can cause damage to material if you leave baking too long.

Keep odor free shoes is not so difficult and requires much time. Using these remedies and get rid of bad smells in your shoes.