3 Essential for Office Shoes

George Fraser once said: “If you want to know if a guy is well dressed, turn down” was right indeed! A pair of shoe defines your personality above all in the office where you want to look like a pro. A pair of shoes of quality well polished and can enhance your outfit whole, even if your suit is not you very well; But if you don’t have a cute pair of shoes, or the most expensive suit will look well.

It is therefore important to own a pair of good quality for office shoes. Here are 3 essential shoes that every man should have to the workplace.

1 boots dress up

More than a symbol of fashion, these shoes are very comfortable, sophisticated and elegant to the office. Dress boots can improve your posture, improve your style in general, and also have a positive impact on your mood. These boots can be used with formal garments like dress pants and a shirt. Dress boots are available in all sizes and shapes, but you need to be sure that you are using the boots suitable for the climate.

2. Derby shoes

An essential for every man, these shoes fall under the category of the open system of lace, are super comfortable and you can use them for a formal, semi-formal, or casual event. These are best suited to the office and are also extremely flexible. If you’re buying your first pair of shoes Derby, a medium brown, choose since it is not neither too light nor too dark and they go very well with any outfit.

3 moccasins

If there is a pair of shoes that can be called classic timeless, are moccasins. These shoes are sophisticated, comfortable and easy to use; they come in different styles depending on the occasion. For the office, it is advisable to buy a pair of moccasins color wine or coffee since they are neutral colors and combine with almost everything.