3 Dress Shoes That Every Gentleman Must Have

Dress shoes are essential for any wardrobe and its power to stay on trend has shown increasingly. They look great with slacks and jeans; they are perfect for any day in the office or for a semi-formal occasion. A quick look to the 3 types of dress shoes that every gentleman must have done.

3 Dress Shoes That Every Gentleman Must Have

Oxford with perforated tip

Shoe Oxford will almost always find in the wardrobe of those who are focused on building a wardrobe with appropriate dress shoes. You can accompany your blue suit, grey or black with some red Oxford came either with some Oxford Brown If you wear a costume color Khaki or charcoal.

Oxford with smooth tip

This is an option if you like wearing dress simple but elegant shoes. A couple in black looks great at night and can match any texture costume. Styles with laces will be very comfortable to use all day. Some shoes in color tan or light brown will look elegant in a blue suit according to Animalerts.

Dress up boots

These shoes are very versatile and can be used with any outfit, from jeans to suits of clothing. A dress square-tipped boots are luxurious with texture costumes. Classic shoe laces color boots came hardly can fail with a semi-formal attire. A bota de punta with details is very neutral and elegant that you can use over and over again at any time of the year.