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Why I like Both The Summer? by Looks like These Dear…

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every morning when I open their eyes and look out my window there is something that makes out of bed more forcefully: the Sun. And is that summer It already smells, and warns us that their arrival is imminent. And what I like about it (aside from the good humor that I desprendo the 24/7) […]

Let’s Start The Week with Much Style: Top 10 Outfits!

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We’re a Monday and we want to start the week with much style. And to do this we show looks (based on) different trends) so that you choose the one you like most go with your style and become itself. And if we have to name someone who understands everyday style that is Hevdig Opshaug: […]

The Looks of The First Day of The Spring Sound 2012

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For a week has been celebrated in Barcelona the Festival indie par excellence of our country, the Primavera Sound. In Jezebel We talked long and hard about the fashion in the festivals music, but the best way to see what is happening at the festivals is to go and see it all in situ, so […]

Is Time to Wear Skirts… Finally!

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It is not official We are in the summer, but almost. Because going out with the covered legs It is, at times, an impossible mission. And if a few weeks ago you showed looks where shorts were the protagonists, today the eyes are skirts. Minis, medium or long with large cuts on the sides, who […]

The Garments of The Spring It Already Look at The Bloggers What Hope?

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The season progresses and we still have not done our spring wardrobe collection. It’s no wonder, with this crazy time don’t know if you fancy a sandal or a yeti coat. The bloggers that swarm all over the world already have taught us how to add cheap and expensive and win, now help us to […]

Are You a Female or Male Day? Never Mind! The Style Will Be Your Shadow…

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There are days in which want more clothes-wearing ‘ male ‘ and there are days that we are 110% female. So what? What’s the matter? Whatever your tastes that day there is one thing that you should never leave aside: our beloved style. And these girls that we showed you today does not leave him […]

Fashion on The Street: at Turns (New) with The Broken of The Cowboys

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The other day he was shopping in Zara my girlfriend and his reaction to the Cowboys already had expected it: almost all broken! Thus each x time, even more so when summer comes and jeans shorts become the garment that you could get at home with a good pair of scissors and a pair of […]

Do You Follow Trends or You’Re Anti Trends?

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There are two ways of approaching the world fashion and trends: follow the foot juntillas or observe them from afar and opt for items that most favor us, like us and are more our style, ignoring the dictates of magazines. Many times we find ourselves in a balanced compromise, but there are times that the […]

Suitable Only for Daring. The Yellow Lima Conquers The Streets

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Do you dare! Of times that you’ve heard this in the mouth of a friend yours, family member, or simply your voice of consciousness. But it is not easy to go out with a colorful clothing If your personality is that wants to go unnoticed. And less with a so showy color as Green lime. […]

If You Could Choose, with That Closet Blogger International Tea Would Choose?

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Whenever I walk through the bloggesfera (national and international) term with the same thought: I want to her wardrobe. And one of my games before going to sleep is to have that choose one of the cabinets These girls so to fashion and known. With me what would be? Tuula daring garments like me but […]

Cheap & Chic: The Save Is a Way of Life

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As if philosophy were the look Cheap & Chic It takes. And we do not mean the Moschino signature, which only has the name of low-cost. We refer to those bloggers who are committed by the economic fashion accessible to all of us, outfits. For that go to fashion does not spend money or breaking […]