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Hair Wraps Are Still Captivating Models and Bloggers

Posted by admin on July 26, 2017 with No Comments

Looking for a warm coat this winter so crazy, with changes in temperatures that in two days it seems that we go back to the spring, just in the hair wraps which already are not seen so much at this time but the models and the fashion bloggers they are still choosing to combine short. As it is the case of Molly Myrsten, a Swedish model who has that common touch on the models of carrying any piece which goes through something informal for very ornate. (more…)

They Have It Clear: Masculine Pantsuit for The Most Female Outfits

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If you want to catch ideas (risky) for your single day ago missing that you centres all your attention to the street style of the Fashion Weeks. There the girls by the time it presents cool although of the boldest proposals. Although there are always some that irrigation you leave it in the hotel room. And today the You can take the proposal as you want and it is that depending on how he combines the pantsuit, or the color of this, you can go one way or another. (more…)

In Winter, Take Vitamins! Colorful Looks by Colors

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Every day that I go out to the street I am more and more cold. And for those days my mind and my subconscious ends up deciding muted colors and sad for my outfits. Without realizing I go out to the black and grey Street and at the end I just boring. So when I see girls who wear clothes in colors live think and why not? They are a good example of induce a healthy dose Vitamin to your day. (more…)

Yes, No Hat Hat, Here Is The Question

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It is my question. Yesterday I wore one because it was raining and I’m tired of walking all day fighting me with the umbrella and I was “ too produced “. Sometimes I feel that the Hat a garment is egoblogger too, I don’t know if I understand. Even so, I love and the hat […]

They Are Fashion Victims, Have It in Their Blood and DNA

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Being fashion is a difficult job, but being a fashion victim is a level too high that not all can be reached. They do not lose a trend, they are in all the soirees that firms assemble, and they suffer from cold and heat to be able to look wonderfully well. And today they are […]

Issue of Ninja Gestures That It Arranged or Escacharran (The Look, Claro)

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By the posture you will know the blogger. There are bloggers Ninja whose gestures have become a manual of how pose without going unnoticed in the attempt and the others, which Flock, not all but many, goes back. Oh how many postural woes!

No Complications! The Street Us Shows Fantastic Looks with Little

Posted by admin on July 20, 2017 with No Comments

Not you ever happened that you look at and remiras a look and can’t find What is special? So if you diseccionas all of you also you can wear it same with clothes from your closet, However no has occurred you combine it previously afraid to look like sosa. As well, these girls not get […]

“Dreaming about Spring Time”… What Warranty (Bloggers) Hear

Posted by admin on July 19, 2017 with No Comments

For once I am in a State of ni fu ni fa before the arrival of the spring. I am so busy I have no time to think about the scratch that falls or chachi outfit to me. But there are bloggers, who does not live in Brazil, but will advance and show their fervent […]

The Latest Obsession of The Street Style Is… Do Bart Simpson?

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Few days ago I have been noticing on blogs a rather rare trend. The bloggers do not bet on the striped or patterned chess, as it might be normal to having the account printed summer that lies ahead and that the shops are already full of them, they prefer to proudly wear the face of […]

Looks That to See Them Want to Copy Them

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There are moments in life when you come across some girl and modern loft style that follows. It has a special aura that makes it inevitable the look at her, and if you agudizas more the look you give account that his clothes could be within your wardrobe. Converse, skinny, flared jeans … Yes, they […]

Roses and Cold Days, Days of Hiding Behind The Hat (Or Not, to The New Fashion)

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Cold days and roses, bloggers become the protagonists of a Blake Edwards modern orders, this time without dramas, without romance between Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, without bottles of means and the Hat as single addiction, a Hat after which covered this winter by city.

Five Great Blends That I’m Looking Forward to Try This Summer

Posted by admin on July 15, 2017 with No Comments

The game of mix & match clothes is fun, helps you to create new outfits with the clothes that you already have in the closet and pull out your vein creative when choosing your outfit. And today I propose five mixtures that are worth a try, with many items that are already in your possession, […]

Viva Party: The Latest Looks of The Primavera Sound 2012

Posted by admin on July 14, 2017 with No Comments

Every good thing is finished and the Primavera Sound It ended between large concerts, tired feet and looks from all style. On the third day the acid colors, the vintage clothes, and comfort rewarded over other things. Both foreign audience as local opt for modern outfits. Do you think about the looks of the Primavera […]

Duel of Style on The Street (Very Chic): Spain Vs Rest of The World

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Style is or is not and sometimes with a simple plug-in or hairstyle shown. It seems that the place in which live also determines how to dress. After contemplating how clothes it’s season already look in the most stylish bloggers, today travel world, above and beyond, and look for the most chic Street style and […]

A Variety of Styles in The Looks of The Second Day at The Primavera Sound 2012

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The second day of the Primavera Sound also it gave much of himself in terms of looks. At the festival was everything and more. From looks 100% fashion to other more normal or less likely. Lots of clothes and accessories fluorine, semitransparent long skirts, shorts, dresses, shorts and how not, cloth bags and t-shirts in […]

Why I like Both The Summer? by Looks like These Dear…

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every morning when I open their eyes and look out my window there is something that makes out of bed more forcefully: the Sun. And is that summer It already smells, and warns us that their arrival is imminent. And what I like about it (aside from the good humor that I desprendo the 24/7) […]

Let’s Start The Week with Much Style: Top 10 Outfits!

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We’re a Monday and we want to start the week with much style. And to do this we show looks (based on) different trends) so that you choose the one you like most go with your style and become itself. And if we have to name someone who understands everyday style that is Hevdig Opshaug: […]

The Looks of The First Day of The Spring Sound 2012

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For a week has been celebrated in Barcelona the Festival indie par excellence of our country, the Primavera Sound. In Jezebel We talked long and hard about the fashion in the festivals music, but the best way to see what is happening at the festivals is to go and see it all in situ, so […]

Is Time to Wear Skirts… Finally!

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It is not official We are in the summer, but almost. Because going out with the covered legs It is, at times, an impossible mission. And if a few weeks ago you showed looks where shorts were the protagonists, today the eyes are skirts. Minis, medium or long with large cuts on the sides, who […]

The Garments of The Spring It Already Look at The Bloggers What Hope?

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The season progresses and we still have not done our spring wardrobe collection. It’s no wonder, with this crazy time don’t know if you fancy a sandal or a yeti coat. The bloggers that swarm all over the world already have taught us how to add cheap and expensive and win, now help us to […]