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Yes, That We Have Printed Feline for Time (In All Its Versions)

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Non, non, non, non, non. This is not right: years ago I am saturated the feline print, but yet this season after season is still present and won’t be or with turpentine. And more since Kenzo launched its collection Spring-summer 2013 with the print in full color with very different tones as red, green, yellow or lilac. And of course, firms come to clone the desperate. But desperate for me, which I do not know how to do it to avoid meeting me with any parts in this print. All the versions are accepted, as well as garments where are presented. Are you going to bite this summer with something? (more…)

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: We Set Off Towards East

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This spring fashion puts heading to far East with and exotic prints that remind us that there are China and Japan and increasingly matter more in fashion. The catwalk trends they fill with obis, kimonos, harem pants, garments created using techniques of origami, floral prints and delicate details that remind us how Asians. (more…)

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: Snaps for Summer

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The lace is always trend, It is a tissue that never goes out of style. Summer lace shows of thousand ways and means: lace, valenciennes, chantilly, bobbin lace, ñandutí… Designers are aware of the delicacy of the socket and insert it in your designs in elegant way. (more…)

Stripes Still Have Their Audience. I Will Resist!

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We augurabamos that the striped black and white would be the most used trend, taken and appealed for the season spring-summer 2013 and the truth is that yours truly tired until the Sun could deprive me of my coats. And after a few months, it seems that they are still causing furor among bloggers, celebrities […]

Style Keys for Shopping: Bet on a Maxi Dress

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Draw much attention me the girls who carry in summer maxi dresses, the reason is because I am not a regular user of them. Being short long dresses are not the garment that best I can and when I see a girl with them I feel a little bit of envy. The Maxi dress are […]

Trends Low Cost Spring-Summer 2013: Would Ready for The Heat?

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Gradually the temperatures begin to rise and the on hot days increasingly they will become more frequent among us. Has time to be equipped with light clothing, that does not overwhelm us and that will allow us to continue wearing stylish and ideal. Look for fabrics light and natural, like cotton or linen, and light […]

Punk, ‘Anarchy’ Leather Fashion

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The Punk comes to the Metropolitan Museum of art of New York (known as MET) in the form of exhibition making what was a burst of breaking in a new morsel of culture exhibitions and preserve everything regardless of his speech and origin. Punk was born dead posts to see its purpose, contrary to the […]

Back on The Air! Who Are Encouraged to Wear It This Summer?

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While a week ago that not We see the sun shine and when the view to the single sky we have grey clouds laden with water, to face good weather. And as always, they say that after the storm comes the calm and the sun rises, I already prepare me for that event. And what […]

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: Come Back 60’s

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Everything is back, above all in the World of fashion. And it is that trends come and go in effect boomerang and this Spring-summer 2013, more than ever, they begin to appear garments with that sixties roll that you love me. Small always asked me: what time would you have liked live? And I always […]

Festivalero Style, a Classic from The Sixties

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If you think that the festival style and boho chic so typical of the looks of the attendees at Coachella, Glastonbury and other dates marked as essential was a new invention, you were very wrong. It all began in the 1960s, with groupies as Anita Pallenberg or Marianne Faithfull marking an unmistakable style that is […]

Dresses to Show Just Enough

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Although it may not seem it, we are already entering the warmer months so you have to go planning summer looks. Within the dresses section, one option is the of the dresses with opening in the abdomen, easier to implement than the cut out we have seen previous seasons with cuts in not-so-desired locations.

Matchy Matchy, Ir Aggregated over and over Again Is Fashionable

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I’m going well? You’re very matchy, matchy. But that is good or bad? Simply going matchy, matchy.

The Art of Wearing a Crop Top

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in Tops

The return of the ‘ 90s He did that stores flood tops that let gut air. Yes, talk about the dreaded crop tops not suitable for those that still have not been with the operation bikini. But there are girls who have a savoir faire, a special charm (or as you call it) and they […]

Trends Low Cost Spring-Summer 2013: Dresses for Summer Nights

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There are looking forward to summer, but it seems that even not weather. While we wait for the good time, really, to give you some ideas of dresses for summer nights. Dresses light, fresh, light and perfect for warmer nights. Summer dresses are our fetish garment since they are comfortable to wear, easy to and […]

Shopping Keys: Touches Feet with More Cute Sandals Look of The Season

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Already have you become to the idea that there is nothing left to show off your bare feet? The Sandals they are the first garments that we welcome in our summer wardrobe. So book a good pedicure, exfoliate your feet and prepare them to show after all winter hidden under socks and boots. Don’t forget […]

The Crazy Twenties, Also Locos in Fashion

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‘The Great Gatsby’ us again to bring to our days the aesthetics of the 1920s. An era in which the world was advancing toward something completely different to what we had seen up to that time. I had just finished the greater war known to mankind, in Russia began to be implemented something called “the […]

How Stroll with a Shirt Tied at The Waist without Seeming a Weirdo

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Already some time ago that we are seeing as the girls go by tying shirts at the waist as a belt. When I was a teenager and enjoyed in the age of Turkey at its best, I remember that I was also fashionable for cover my backside. But there is no hiding in this new […]

Inspired by The World of Ballet to Create a Full Look of Movement

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Today is the International dance day, There are days for everything, but I have to admit it makes me special joy the commemoration today. I like to dance, especially ballet. Dance has always been a source of inspiration for the brands, designers and the fashion world in general. In Tredencias We propose some garments inspired […]

By The Raja of Your Skirt? Do Not Say Pants?

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Forget the pants with zippers or openings in the sides, now seems that the latest are pants with slit at the front. Those that allow you to show those shoes that you purchased and you die by teach.

Spring Trends: Leather Breastplate

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Until the heat is scorching ones make thinking only in beach and light clothes have to enjoy from the trends of spring and the spring looks, one of them is Dickies, and more specifically those of leather, Thanks to the turn of the 90s and above all 3.1 Phillip Lim living a second youth.