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Shorts + High Boots for The Spring? They Note That It’s Festival Time

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We are in the season of music festivals and many trends that are beginning to see only understood in this context that seems to transform some locker room as if they had to change their style when it comes to leaving festi. There is a style that does not fail in an appointment as well, gives equal the season of the year that is. There you will see a shorts with high boots. It is cyclic. (more…)

Would You like to Bet on a Different Garment? Dare to Wear The Breastplate Cowboy

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Already a year ago that my fellow fashion colleague announced a trend of the past: the Dickies jeans. Remind me of my childhood and the yankees farmers (is what you have to do marathons of American films on weekends), but now it seems that it is one trend to the upside. And thus shows it the street, firms, shops and the bloggers. Do you go to? Hop on board from this garment? (more…)

The Clutches Are No Longer What They Were

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Only a few seasons ago that the clutch was a hole (and which hole) in our closet. There are almost more models of handbags that handles and as any product in stores such as Zara It is evolving to unsuspected limits. (more…)

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: Dressed in Blue and You Climb to Heaven

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I recognize that the blue is one of my favorite colors. I love blue in all its shades and looks good on any type of skin and hair color. The summer is trend blue klein and the azure. The sky blue It does not have to be corny or boring, evidenced by the great designers […]

Low Cost Trends: The Geometry Becomes Our Wardrobe

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This spring, designers have been with angle and bevel to design the prints many dresses, tops and clothing. Psychedelic games that mix stripes, colors and triangular and rectangular shapes. A class of geometry that inundate our low-cost wardrobe.

Low Cost Trends: Trends in Jackets That We Can Already Look

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By eager that we have released the season spring-summer 2013, time not invited to do so. So we can start with the most suitable clothes for the cold: jackets, blousons and American which are reaching stores for low-cost. They invite us to dive into the trends of the new collections without that let more cold […]

The Total Looks Are Still The Kings of The Street Style

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Months ago that the trend of the total looks He took hold of our wardrobes. And if we take into account the collections spring/summer 2013 and the outfits that many style bloggers hang every day on their blogs, there are signs that This season they will remain the Kings of the street.

Becomes a New Trend of Street Style: Knot You Shirt to The Waist

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With This revival that are taking the 90 these past months we are rediscovering ourselves with trends and accessories that we had forgotten. A few days ago we talked about one of the black spots of that decade, the Fanny Pack and now it is the turn to sleeves knotted at the waist.

Low-Cost Spring-Summer 2013 Trends: This Summer Tea Will Be Striped

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Nasty Gal yes, yes, This spring-summer will stay striped. And is that the stores are awash with this pattern especially in black and white, in the style of prison. It is the trend that we see most repeated in the street style.

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: Just Scratching Yourself by Your Garments

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We continue showing the trends for this next season spring-summer 2013, and among the hall of fame we find (a part of the black and white duo) to stripes. It doesn’t matter if these are vertical, horizontal, thin or thick. In vivid colors, pastel or earth. It is important that you rayes (only) with your […]

They Carry The New Collection of Balmain, Us in White

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The first reaction that people had to see the new collection spring-summer 2013 of Balmain on the top of the catwalk was not very good: the black and white diamonds mixed with the shoulder pads, the influences of the ’ 90 in all its glory and other trends, they did that the impact was brutal. […]

Trends Low-Cost Spring-Summer 2013: Do You Feel with The Flyers?

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And no, I don’t mean to put you faralaes costume but you to one of the trends of next spring-summer 2013: flyers. They can be discrete or take all the prominence of your look, the mass market stores there are options for everyone.

Low-Cost Spring-Summer 2013 Trends: The Club of Thousand Stripes

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One of the trends that we see for the next spring-summer 2013 are harder stripes and they come in black and white. A classic pattern that fashion never last but modernizing each season. I teach a selection of striped low-cost garments so you can wear a completely timeless trend. Welcome thousand stripes club!

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: Print Excess (Who Said Fear?)

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Marni spring/summer 2013. At the same time that one of my favorite styles is minimalism, the excess of prints It fascinates me. A colorful, attractive idea and glad the street, holiday or occasion that is. With a view to the next Spring-summer 2013 There are firms that are still playing to marry prints priori impossible […]

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: White Total Is Total Success

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If you want to bet by a color (or rather, not color) this spring-summer 2013, do so by the target. Gets the total loosk, white, bright, pure, clear. A trend you feel especially good when the skin begins to be tanned. The equation is as simple as white + white = success!

Trends Low-Cost Spring-Summer 2013: Let You Carry by The Aires Ethnic

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Week after week will viewing trends they invaded in his day on the runways with collections spring/summer 2013, but it is time to begin to see what trends low-cost they will invade the streets. And we started with the ethnic Aires, a trend which already had its moment of glory, but it seems to be […]

Style Keys for Shopping: a Trench Coat to Wear at Halftime

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Massimo Dutti The trench It is one of the garments that all should have in the closet, halfway between jacket, trench coat and wrap, is a key part of our wardrobe, perfect to wear with any estilimo and combine with any garment.

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: The Pastel Colours Remain Part of Our Wardrobe

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Maison Martin Margiela We repeat it? It is the best way to start this post on the next trends Spring-summer 2013 because continuous pastel colors fashion. Last summer were the tone star and this season remain part of our wardrobe. Perfect to wear with the so flattering Tan summer shades.

Bet Everything on Red, You Will Gain 100%

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If there is a tone that is on fire is season is the Red. We have shown it thousand times but still walk from canon, so if you’re still undecided leverages these rebates to get some This color garment. And them, bloggers, they have already succumbed. Coats, pants, dresses, suits … anything goes if it […]

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: Neck Shirt Invades All Sorts of Garments

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One of the trends for the next spring-summer 2013 are the shirt collars. Necks seen in dresses style shirt, tops or jackets that opt for the elegance of that kind of bottlenecks. We have bottlenecks in tip or style baby, for example. Do you think of the collars of the shirt?