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Outfit: Me and My Samsung NXmini in Helsinki

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Today, I will show you a further look, I shot in Helsinki, next to the harbour with the Ferris wheel in the background.
We were there namely actually grade on the market and have fed fish.
I think that was really the tastiest fish in the world!
The Finns know how it’s done correctly.
The flair I threw something maritimeres over and find Yes that I would fit too great with the outfit to Hamburg! As you can see already, has a lot to offer Helsinki, but there are more then soon…

Outfit: the Karl Daily Look

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I am proud, but not so a little, but really, because for me a dream is true become:
Karl Lagerfeld knows of my existence!
And not only that: I was allowed to be even a small part of his new project:
the Charles daily – Karl Lagerfeld’s own newspaper!

Karl Lagerfeld was something like the first Designer I knew and it already quite early. Probably I rather knew Karl Lagerfeld before I could multiply and divide and even then he was something like a hero for me. Later I wanted to be a fashion designer and also because he was a kind of role model, but by the time I was getting older and how it is so with childhood heroes – at some point you realize that some dreams just remain dreams, but never, nieeeeemals I would have thought that I fashion God and my dream it times to meet live and to say that I admire him , not only for what he does, but for what he is – a legend! -would be so close. (more…)

Outfit: The Last Summer’s Day

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I got it so much desired and it has arrived:
Last time I ate even a sundae.
Last time I have before the Cafe outside for hours sat and enjoyed the Sun.
One last time I misplaced my work space on the balcony.
Last time I ran around in the tank top and sunglasses.
One last time, I’ve enjoyed the summer.
Last time I wore a real summer look.

Outfit: Greetings to the Autumn

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Dear fall, I’m glad you’re finally there! When I said that I’m looking forward to the autumn, really looking forward, I’ve not be understated! I could really hardly wait to wear my favorite autumn colors, surrounded I warm light and golden leaves… he think autumn has this special, wonderful atmosphere, in which he presents us […]

Mal Wieder: Schwarz

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Me grade times noticed that I’ve shown this week really only black looks, a fact almost involuntary Black week so, but tomorrow I will change that with a different look! Actually the black theme fits very well, finally today we have Halloween, one of my favorite events of the year! Only stupid, I still don’t […]

Voller Power and Energy!

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Do you know these outfits, which they, after one has even combined they almost daily in a similar combination? I’m just with this combination, because, again, I’ve discovered a few sneaker for me and once again, they are by adidas! I’ve seen the pure boost on the press days and was immediately so down and […]

Our Own Designed All around the World Bag

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In my Blogger career, I was able to do many great things, implement wonderful collaborations, and discover exciting places. Today, a further highlight in joins: I was able to design a bag! Not alone, but for this with my Blogger colleagues and friends of Josie loves, les attitudes and fashion hippie loves! I mean, what […]

The First Outfit with the New Hair

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in Tops

Finally, there is today the first look with the new hair color! I must admit I was a little excited and decided for the first time for a simple outfit, where are the hair in the foreground. Admitted I was yesterday at the shoot, even a little excited because I never knew how it arrives […]

Our Bogner Bag Is out There!

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Good news! Finally the around is the World Bag, who designed Anni, Sarah, Anne and I in the trade and also online available!!! I think you can see quite well that the personality of each blogger is reflected, and I’m really very proud of the result! It is large enough that the half budget fits, […]

MBFWB: Random Facts Part 1

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As every season I don’t want facts from the fashion week verzichten…et also this time on the random voila: -This was by far the most beautiful fashion week and the reason could be barely better: Lina was with me all the time and has accompanied me almost anywhere. Two is just fashion week but much […]

MBFW: Teil 2-Random Facts

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What happens if you have a camera, no one noticed? I went through this experiment, because HTC has brought a small camera on the market, the RE, which is so secret that simply no one rouses, that you’re holding a camera in your hand – and doing so even pictures (and videos)! Another advantage: you […]

The College Girl

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After I was wearing the same hairstyle again and again on my pictures I again felt like on a real casual look that exudes atmosphere and is still a bit of variety. Lately, this cozy looks are my favorite anyway and also where I feel totally well and could carry same combination just for days […]

NYFW15 Outfits: Chinatown

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I’ve decided to just spontaneously: it’s all about fashion week! The background is as follows: I grade my best friend and absolute favorite photographer in the greatest city ever and it’s even fashion week. Basically, we shoot only outfits throughout the day and hop from show to show and because a blog is a sort […]

NYFW15 Outfits: It’s Time for Daisies

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My last day in New York has arrived and somehow it feels like, when I would leave this city for weeks although I was really only 8 days here. But there were intensive 8 days in which I experienced incredibly learned a lot, and of course have shootings. Now that it’s almost over, I’m a […]

The Truth about the Fashion Week

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Clothing. It was already getting more than just a means to an end for me. It was a means of expression and a way. It returned my insides on the outside and me different from others as well as it also ordered me a. She stressed my individuality and pushed me out. Fashion. It’s always […]

She’s a Vamp

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After I showed always colorful and loud looks lately in New York is it again at the time the roots to get back to and to wear black again. I think with me it is indeed that I bear only a certain degree of “colorful”, then just need a break, then again to devote to […]

Back to the 90s

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Phew, after I came back from over a week from New York and was in the meantime already in Frankfurt and Munich, there’s a look from good old Berlin today for a change again. After all the crazy looks and brands, this is again a bit simple as it just fits to Berlin. Who is […]

My Paris Diary – Random Facts – Part 2

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Today comes the final part of my fashion week tour and honestly it makes me a bit sad, because the post also means that this exciting adventure is over but somehow. But wait there out there still many other adventures I will experience this year and goes in half a year the fashion week world […]

The Crazy Trousers

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Okay, okay I showed really very many outfits from Paris lately, but the most photographed doesn’t know you yet! Anyway, until now not yet. Indeed, it is this outfit here, that style in the Street photographers arrived very well! I don’t know whether it is a little noticed you lately, but lately I’ve been experimenting […]

My Spring/Summer-Style by TK Maxx #TKSummer

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in Tops

Outside the warm spring weather have to wait is because it is rather very changeable, but no reason to hang your head can be. Instead I agree a you with an outfit that produces wakes through and through – at least for me. You know, I’m not the Colorblocking type, but I finally am something […]